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    finally got it to work. I just uninstalled everything. gtav, and all mods. then i reinstalled everything. how ever when i installed scripthookdotnet, i used something like version 2.10 NOT VERSION 3. addon peds has not been updated to work with ver 3. now everything works, i can import peds, menyoo and simple trainer works, and natural vision remastered.

    29 Ekim 2019, Salı
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    @Ruskyallday can you make a video, lol or give a step by step??

    25 Ekim 2019, Cuma
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    @Muadib Thanks, i sure hope it works... could you point me to the tutorial you used from above, there are so many posts about this now. thanks. im gonna do a clean install of gta 5 and follow the tut you link.

    22 Ekim 2019, Salı
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    I have to add that its not working. i have followed every tutorial. i made sure everything was done correctly. i even checked out every (2019 update tutorial) and as of now, nothing works. my game doesnt crash, menyoo comes up and works just fine. but when i press L, nothing happens. i replaced all of my files with those that other commentors said should work, and still nothing, hopefully the mod will update it or someone else comes out with something new. ARE THERE ANY OTHER OPTIONS??

    21 Ekim 2019, Pazartesi