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    My pc isn't the best so although this mod seems to be optimized very well my game tended to drop frames at some parts of the map. I decided to uninstall it and I came here to give it 5 stars because of the fact that it has an original files package so you can revert the game back to it's normal graphics easily. Thank you so much for including that or else I'm sure the uninstall would end up being a pain in the ass

    3 Temmuz 2018, Salı
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    When I put the files in my game it crashed so I went to the logs and in menyoo log 2 I got this "Unable to interpret game version (1.0.1365.1). Assuming latest* possible STEAM version (1.0.1290.2)." does anyone know how to fix this or even if it can be fixed

    15 Mayıs 2018, Salı
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    when I open the rar file nothing is in it, does anyone know how to fix this?

    14 Nisan 2018, Cumartesi
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    @delorean07 just uninstall the mod

    27 Aralık 2017, Çarşamba
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    when I click download and I open the file nothing is in it. I was able to download the bomber jackets but no shoes.

    11 Kasım 2017, Cumartesi