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    How to backup files for future for noobs:

    1. use open if and copy your dlcpack on your desktop
    2. use open if and delete all "rockstargames files like pachdays, mheißt, vegas, etc...) what is not really a mod out of it ....
    3. then copy now this dlcpack and this is your backup, it just contain modified things (mods) maybe most time addons ... what inside there and maybe some replaces
    4. after you copied the dlcpacks, then you can delete them from the folder and put the big one from your desktop back to it what contain all files.

    so this mean for now and future:
    1. now: you have all files in this folder what works ...
    2. if in future is a update of some main files, just delete your dlcpacks, copy the new dlcpacks from the original one in your gamefolder, then copy the dlcpacks folders from your backup (what contain only the add-ons and no old original gta5 files) into the new dlcpacks folder ... thats it ... very easy ...

    here, looks something like this then:

    like you can see, all the folders what are in dlcpacks just contain mods .... this mean, graphic mods, add on cars etc .. everything maybe also peds etc...

    all you have to do, is just copy this files always with openiv to the new dlcpacks after a update, and then you always will not have any problem any more that you maybe copied a folder what contain old staff.

    if you make noob copy like copy dlcpacks with the pachtdays inside and then always just copy old patchdays with yourself cause you did backup with pachtdays etc... you will have crashes or game will not start.

    i give you another short example how to backup:
    dlcpacks folder --> inside are some patchdays, are heist, etc .... you did now 20 car addons ...

    then copy the dlcpacks out of your desktop.
    after it

    23 Aralık 2019, Pazartesi
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    @Fireboy24 i will not upload any original content of rockstar games, maybe you have a non steam version or cracked illegal version, your fault then.
    if not, just download the original files :D and take a loook on your mod folder what is in it :D

    and just do the files there what you wanna do there. (please dont overcopy older "replaces" ... just "addons"

    for older files, just do the replaces there, but not fully folders. thats it !

    short example:
    in your patchday3 are 20 cars, you changed 10 of them.

    the game updates now ... there should be 21 cars and 2 cars also got a fix inside (christmas fix ...) ..
    like they now did some christmas trees on some houses, what give you the errors guys :D :D^^

    so .... if you now use your old folder where you have the 10 replaces and the 10 other cars ... if u use still this patchday 3 folder, you just have 20 cars ...
    but should be 21 cars already ... cause he use your patchday3 from the mod folder what is outdated..

    you have to do the following:
    1. delete your old patchday3 for example ...
    2. copy the new patchday3 into your mod folder
    3. now replace the 10 replace cars on the patchday3

    so there should be 21 cars in it ;) cause you copied the new one :D your old hat 20 cars.

    is just example.
    this all came also with some new christmas trees, so house mods, some new materials and textures, it also came some new sounds and also new cars and stuff, by the way there is also new gameconfig what got updated and you have to replace with a new gameconfig here :D

    if you dont use the new folders of gta and then do your add-ons there and replaces there and still use your old modfolder you will have the crash. at least it is not that hard to do if you always do some safe of your modfolders on your computer. not full modfolder i mean, jsut the dlcs, or replaces all together, but dont make a backup with folder, make just packups of files out of it ..

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    23 Aralık 2019, Pazartesi
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    tried gta 5 redux also, it works. naturalvision remastered also works. yes for sure you have to use a updated gameconfig, too :D not your old one from some weeks ago :D :D

    23 Aralık 2019, Pazartesi
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    @Maxx1013 when it says invalid model, you made some mistake. also with the old simple trainer you can spawn the new cars, and i just updated now the new, it also spawns them, but doesnt matter with new or old, they dissapear after some seconds, we should find out why :D

    @socal_guy1320 most settings you do on the trainerv file ...
    so just leave this file, or copy the settings from this file to the new trainerv file.
    at least you just have to update the trainerv.asi file ;) so you keep old settings and have the new trainer.

    i always have some safes of my old trainerv in editor, so i easily can change the new with the old with open in editor and copy/paste :) have fun

    18 Aralık 2019, Çarşamba
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    @dedogmodz this have nothing to do with the gameconfig ;)
    i also had this issue with the old gameconfig and also with the new one,
    but you need to update your files, it will not dissapear then, and better update your trainer, too.

    18 Aralık 2019, Çarşamba
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    ah .. same like konica said "lazy people who do not want to read ....:" :D
    yep, just update also your old files and dont let them be inside.

    cause if you have a update.rpf in mods folder ---> gta5 will use your update.rpf and not their "new" updated update.prf :D :D so you will have crash, same is for some patchdays etc...

    just in short:

    if you get crash for not let you start game --> script hook
    if you have crash when you load story mode --> ingame files problem (mods or folders old etc and you need to renew them)

    18 Aralık 2019, Çarşamba
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    when your game is crashing ingame, you have problem with your files! so its not the script hook.
    Files problem mean, you have old files in the mod what should be newer ones from the casino update. this will give you the crash.

    just try to fix your mods folder ;) cause there are some files not copied.

    i give you an example.

    open iv tell you, when you want to replace something for example in patchday3, that they will copy fully patchday3 in the mod folder, now when you change one data in patchday3 ... when you start game after you start story mode, patchday3 will not load the normal patchday3, it will load your patchday3 file/folder.

    and if you didnt upload your "mod" folder of patchday 3 and just lazy copying the script hook inside, you will have some files missing.

    there are certain new files in some patchdays and also in the x64 update update, what are changed from rockstar games this mean, you have to delete your mod folder, make new modfolder, and just do this packages of your mods inside, what will replace the new files.

    pls dont copy full patchdays or x64 or e a f g or something else like dlc packs inside, just if there dlc add-on packs.

    if you did replace some files on for example x64e, then let open iv make a new copy from the new x64e and then just replace all the files of your files in this section..

    same if you use a graphics mod ;) cause craphics mod changes some basics on a lot of patchdays and also update update settings.

    then it works easily and like charme, you welcome :)

    18 Aralık 2019, Çarşamba
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    @vithepunisher you welcome :) if you do a video and you can record it and then have problems that rockstar editor crash while editing --> its same reason .. cause they changed some updated files and then you get crash in the editor when you change ..
    and if you get a crash by recording when it will not record, you have wrong gamesconfig :)

    if you have any problem in future, just message my private, i can help you then of several problems cause 6year gta experience with always almost different problems but same reasons :D after a time you always know which data will do what problems :D and what will solve your problem :)

    27 Kasım 2019, Çarşamba
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    by the way, i am youtuber and tik toker with a lot of followers. so i know how to do and for tik tok i easily can use the rockstar edtior :D

    but for youtube i better use the rockstar editor and then have to overrecord the editor video i made itself ^^ .... cant export it, cause the 8k would go into 1,6k x 1k .. to still have 4-8k :D

    so its way more complicated then but still possible ... always also can make smaller files with records and then put it together with other software the recorded files and then it works like charme :)

    just a short view for you ;)

    like most people don't do at the moment and just do their shitty backward assview of the car while doing 2-4k-8k :D :D cause eve broken xD

    27 Kasım 2019, Çarşamba