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    Hi, i've been using this for a very long time and never had issues, but since the "vehicle tracking" feature. it keeps crashing when saving tracked vehicles. it works for a while, but then when saving tracked vehicles i get script hook v error saying that there's error with "EnhancedNativeTrainer.asi". here's screenshot of what happens https://imgur.com/PPn3Hte

    I really like vehicle tracking feature. i like persistency and i like keeping my vehicles around the map. fix would be amazing. thanks.

    7 Mayıs 2021, Cuma
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    Hi, this doesn't work. I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. Also i don't have context key, it's disabled in my windows and cannot be used, so I replaced it with F12. I replaced word "Context" with "F12" (without quotes) in the Persistence.ini file. Can that be the cause? I also tried various keys such as Home, End, F9 ..etc.
    I'm using mod manager and I have the following mods enabled - https://imgur.com/IWyvoMA
    can someone help me fix this? GTA 5 is just not worth playing if vehicles keep disappearing...

    6 Kasım 2020, Cuma
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    It's quite cool, but having some issues. For example when tuning the Tornado, i get a black screen with that loading icon on bottom right corner and only way to get off of it, is to ALT+F4 the game, it asks if i want to quit and that's it.
    Also happened with 1 other vehicle. I have legit GTA 5 and up to date.

    I tried tornado twice, first time it went to black screen right after i hit upgrade, second time i was able to upgrade, but then i clicked on something to mod and then got a black screen. not sure what's going on.

    10 Ocak 2017, Salı
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    instructions are complete chibbery bubbery lubbery lubrics.
    mk2 folder go to Mods/update/x64/dlcpacks

    WHAT ?????????????? mk2 folder go to?? i go to what? learn to english.
    the dlc download link doesn't work either. why include broken links in your mods? useless junk, i'd give it 0 stars if i can. learn to write instructions. they're more important than the mod itself!! as mod is USELESS if people don't know how to install.

    im sure it's easy for modders, but im not a modder and i don't understand anything. you just blah some here and then bluh some there and done!!!! ..like WHATTT??? slow the piss down and explain STEP BY STEP how to install.

    19 Ocak 2016, Salı
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    that shit does not work. earlier version gave me SuperPunch.dll and this one is SuperPunch.cs ??? WTF? Counter-Strike??? ... doesn't work.

    or if it does .. you have NO instructions on how to install.

    2 Haziran 2015, Salı
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    Added awesome video to this mod. check in videos or direct link here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGNxyAnwhfs

    28 Mayıs 2015, Perşembe
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    found it, it's on page 23 in native trainer called "sbike"

    28 Mayıs 2015, Perşembe
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    can't find "sport biker" in native trainer .... would help if anyone says on which page it is in native trainer or what it REALLY is called. maybe like sbike or something? cos i cannot find it.

    26 Mayıs 2015, Salı
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    no controller support??? only nubs drive with keyboards.

    26 Mayıs 2015, Salı
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    it works, but very bad. i have to click SAVE after editing each vehicle or they won't even store in memory. and after i click save, it resets me back to first vehicle, so i have to remember where i was in the list. really annoying. I should be able to edit all vehicles and then click save at last.

    11 Mayıs 2015, Pazartesi