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  • C1178d download

    Such an awesome mod, and one in particular I've wanted for quite some time. If possible, would love to see this done with the 3D era games as they happen to contain some of my personal (and nostalgic) favorites of mine when it came to the sound effects of some of the cars in those games. Overall, A great solid mod.👌

    26 Şubat 2022, Cumartesi
  • C1178d download

    So I assigned a key, and while the U.I Pops up, upon attempting to click on " load song/list " nothing happens. Also, when attempting to exit out of the U.I whilst clicking " x ", it doesn't exit out of the U.I as it should. Thus having to reload the game entirely to get it off screen. :/

    28 Kasım 2020, Cumartesi