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  • 17c646 img 2843

    Love this mod, cars feel so much better than the RC car handling of vanilla.
    My only complaint would be the crazy amounts of understeer at slower speeds, seems like there's a big loss of steering angle <50 mph.

    21 Ocak 2024, Pazar
  • 17c646 img 2843

    Absolutely love this mod, cant imagine doing another playthrough without it.
    My only issue is the traffic spawns, there's a few locations that always get backed up bc of spawns & sometimes when driving at higher then vanilla speeds cars will spawn inside of the players vehicle. There's always a ramptruck on the bridge next to the PD blocking traffic and theres always a car sideways in the road by the pier's helipad. Is there any way to configure the spawns?

    21 Ocak 2024, Pazar
  • 17c646 img 2843

    Is there any way to change the first person not aiming fov? we're gonna get gta 6 before an on-foot FOV mod drops smh

    18 Ocak 2024, Perşembe