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  • 3a147e sockpoppet av icon logo  small

    Is this meant to be a stock version?
    The white lettering on the tires continues to show up, as well as it's high performance.

    9 Eylül 2021, Perşembe
  • 3a147e sockpoppet av icon logo  small

    Thank you for making this, It's such an excellent approach to the lack of camera setting options, in the vanilla game. While in first person view, 65mph actually feels like 65mph on the freeway.

    7 Eylül 2021, Salı
  • 3a147e sockpoppet av icon logo  small

    This is awesome!
    The only other MGB mod I could find, is a hatchback. I've been looking forward to some talented artist to bring the convertible version to LS. Based on the engine, and performance, I'm going to take a wild guess and say this is far from stock. The following is not a request, it would be great to see a stock version! Cheers!

    6 Eylül 2021, Pazartesi
  • 3a147e sockpoppet av icon logo  small

    Out of all the classic-car mods I've tried, this is one of the most detailed and beautiful. I'm not requesting you do extra work, but I do hope you consider bringing more classics to Los Santos!

    4 Eylül 2021, Cumartesi
  • 3a147e sockpoppet av icon logo  small

    Really great mod idea, this NPC has a beautiful face design. I noticed you have many empty clothing option slots for future wearable designs. I can't wait to see what else you add!

    3 Eylül 2021, Cuma