2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8 (Rampage Edition) [Add-On / Replace | Template] 1.5




2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8 (Rampage Edition)
This model was downloaded from Gamemodels.ru, thanks to DMN for the extraction of the 3d model from Forza Motorsport 4

Thanks to Freez for the first 3 screenshots!
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Tires by Hndsyrn

Car request and dirt mapping by ReNNie!

  • HQ Exterior
  • HQ Interior
  • Livery Support
  • Replace + Add-on versions

  • Installation in archive

    V 1.1
    • Fixed tinting problem
    • A bit of the rear lights flickering fixed
    • Improved sills (still bad)

    V 1.2
    • Fixed tuning wheels position
    • Improved engine
    • Other small changes/bugfixes

    V 1.3
    • Added custom dirt mapping, all thanks to ReNNie! (See last 2 screenshots)
    • Interior no longer gets dirty along with the car
    • Minor bugfixes

    V 1.4
    • Uploaded the wrong archive, the download now has all the features

    V 1.5
    • Added extra_2, a real california plate
    • Added instructions on how to get dials working on replace version
    • Sills slightly improved

    Sorry about all the updates, this should be the final one :)
    Recommended mods to use in combination with this car:

    Gameconfig for 600+ Add-On Vehicles By F7YO

    WARNING: Car might not work without the gameconfig above!!
    Jonas Holland
    Joseph Downing
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    İlk Yüklenme Zamanı: 12 Şubat 2017, Pazar
    Son Güncellenme Zamanı: 12 Mart 2017, Pazar
    Last Downloaded: 2 hours ago

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    • Heists2

      Beautiful job. It is possible our original model of the factory wheels and painting without a belt?

      12 Mart 2017, Pazar
    • 841ddd images

      Esse modelo d ta de parabens carro ta perfeito textura som tudo ta top 5 star

      13 Mart 2017, Pazartesi
    • 8fec96 profilonoyt

      Please make the Aston Martin DB7.

      13 Mart 2017, Pazartesi
    • Default

      doesn´t work for me. when i use my trainer to spawn by vehicle name i got message invalid model. others like the f430s, mclaren p1 works (use the gameconfig)

      14 Mart 2017, Salı
    • Ad4492 namnlöst 2

      @tdk01 you forgot to add the folder or replace dlclist

      14 Mart 2017, Salı
    • Default

      no. i copy the folder and replace dlclist. thats what i don´t understand

      14 Mart 2017, Salı
    • Ad4492 namnlöst 2

      @tdk01 and spawn with name rampage10?

      18 Mart 2017, Cumartesi
    • Default

      i got everytime this message. game is with the latest patch

      18 Mart 2017, Cumartesi
    • Ad4492 namnlöst 2

      Yes the new update will remove the files, you need to install the files again. Make sure to do it strictly after the readme, and add my line after the others and now on the botton on dlclist

      22 Mart 2017, Çarşamba
    • Trevor2

      I'm wanting to replace the gauntlet with this car but i dont see the file for the mods but i only see the yft and ytd attachments

      22 Mart 2017, Çarşamba
    • Default

      umm guys where do i put the .dds file ?

      30 Mart 2017, Perşembe
    • Heists2

      pls... stock car. Good work

      17 Nisan 2017, Pazartesi
    • Ca1400 avatar

      @Zievs I was just about to ask about the lack of headlights, then I noticed that in your screenshots there are none either... is it going to get them at all?

      23 Nisan 2017, Pazar
    • Ad4492 namnlöst 2

      @LeeC2202 It does have headlights but they are put as the extra light, because some people might want to drive around with fog lights only. I might change that around for you though :)

      24 Nisan 2017, Pazartesi
    • Ca1400 avatar

      @Zievs Don't worry... it just looks kinda odd in the screenshots I take.

      I feel guilty because I always seem to be picking on your lights... it's not intentional, you just happen to have cars I like taking screenshots of, so I see these things up close and from the front more than most I suspect. I'll see if I can trigger the extra light in my photo-mod as a tuning part or something.

      24 Nisan 2017, Pazartesi
    • Ad4492 namnlöst 2

      @LeeC2202 I'm doing a final update soon so I can change that over :)

      25 Nisan 2017, Salı
    • Default

      High quality vehicle: Sharp details, awesome performance, thorough and full in-game functionality, easy installation instructions. Worth the download; easy 5/5 rating.

      All as expected from this author.

      4 Mayıs 2017, Perşembe
    • 3454fe mason

      NFG bro, it causing texture to disappear while in game, I removed your mod and the problems stopped

      26 Mayıs 2017, Cuma
    • Gtao62

      Conseguir criar no OpenIV um instalador de DLC completo... Sem precisar de editar os dois caminhos agora estou tentando criar um ao inverso

      12 Haziran 2017, Pazartesi
    • Default

      plz make a 2017 HELLCAT , Bro

      7 gün önce
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