2014 Surrey Police Ford Focus Estate


This is the Ford Focus Estate used by Surrey Police which is being replaced by the new 2016 Focus


Model purchased: Jason Olsen and Bleep999
Dashboard model purchased: Bleep999
Model Textures: Bleep999
Model Conversion to IV: Bleep999
Convert to V: Bleep999
Massive Help Fixing issues: BritishGamer88/BPM
Default Siren Mapping: Bleep999
Model Tempating: Bleep999
Model Fixes: Bleep999
Wheel: Kieran Chandler
Lightbar: Kieran Chandler
Lightbar convert to V: Bleep999
Lightbar Textures: Matthew Cammack with edits by Bleep999
Wheelen TIR3: Bleep999
Wheelen TIR3 Textures: Bleep999
Lightbar Mount: Bleep999
MDT: Bleep999
Siren Control Box: Bleep999
Siren Control Texture: Bleep999
Siren Control Photo: ViperUK
Antennas: ObsidianGames
Fire Extinguisher: Rockstar Games
Partition: Bleep999
Skin: GBull
Window Textures: GBull
Handling: JakeH
Number Plates: Bleep999

Install Directions:

Police - x64e

There are two methods to install the handling for the Focus.

1.) Copy the entire handling.meta included into your mods/update/update.rpf/common/data
2.) Extract your existing handling.meta from the above directory, and replace the POLICE section from the included txt file.

Note about the handling.

This handling is based on ford focus specifications, You CANNOT speed around corners at hundreds of miles per hour, You'll need to
slow down to turn.

Enjoy the mod

If you want to release a skin that is fine! please do not release this model with it.
Do Not Redistribute, Rip, re-convert or convert to another game without my permission!
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