2017 McLaren 570GT 2.1


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The 570GT adds extra comfort and practicality to breathtaking performance. Every bit a McLaren, it’s optimised for the road and makes the ultimate sports car experience one that’s perfect for daily use, longer journeys and weekends away.

Feature :


The rear side opening glass hatch provides easy access to an extended storage area. Framed in carbon fibre for strength and low weight, the glass hatch is tinted and heated, and provides access to the touring deck.


The touring deck can be accessed via the glass hatch or the folding front seats. Trimmed in leather with the option of Nappa or Alcantara, the touring deck features runners and a retaining loop to safely secure luggage. Optional McLaren luggage can be ordered to optimise the 220 litres of storage space.


The panoramic roof adds more light and a sense of space to the interior. The extended leather interior, standard on the 570GT, provides a sumptuous finish to the headlining.

Changelog 1.0 :
- Reshader the Interior
- License Plates
- Stuff I've forgotten.

Changelog 2.0 :
- Painted Interior
- Stitched is remaped
- Missing Speaker is added
- Speaker texture is changed and remaped
- Digital Dials

READ THE FAQ for Frequently asked questions (FFS That's why it's called FAQ)

Q : How to replace another car?
A : Press CTRL + F3 in your OpenIV and find the car you want to replace Ex : massacro.yft and then look for the latest update, ex : patchday8ng and then replace the yft, _hi.yft, and ytd files.

Q : How to find the car?
A : Use Method #1 ffs, read the descriptions.

Q : Tuning Parts?
A : No

Q : Add-On
A : No time.

Q : HQ Interior?
A : Maybe later, don't wait. probably takes forever (I'm not a professional modeller.)

Q : What about using HQ texture?
A : Too lazy to remap it. especially to somepart that can't be seperatedly selected.

Q : Why is it Lowpoly?
A : Isn't that obvious? it's from Mobile game ffs, not from PC/Console game, like AC, NFS, PCars, etc.

Q : Doors aren't working Properly.
A : Check the version. mine's working perfectly.

Q : Can I make addons out of it?
A : Sure go ahead. as long you wrote the Author in this case ZenZoit, and NaturalMotion

Q : When the 540C, 625C Coupe, 625C Spyder, 650S Le Mans, 650S Can Am, 650S Sprint 675LT, 675LT Spyder, 688HS gonna be released.
A :
- 540C : I just thought about it.
- 625C Coupe, I already build one but it's gone.
- 625C Spyder, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.
- 659 Le Mans : ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.
- The rest : Basicly same answer.

Q : How to install this mod to Console?
A : You can't

Q : Steering it's not on the wheel
A : no sh*t, deal with it. McLaren steer are huge to balance the steering. if the hands is not match, blame Rockstar Games since they can't put separated hand dummy helper like they did on motorcycle.

Q : What's with the Early release?
A : I do what I want.

Q : Isn't that gonna be bad? update every few minutes/hours/daily?
A : uhh no, I upload it as a backup in case s*** happened.

FAQ V2.0 :

Q : The dial is not working properly.
A : well it's working, but you'll have to find the T20 Vehicle.meta data (the latest one) idk which DLC or rpf files it's on. if you find it, post a comment here, and change the VDT_Banshee to VDT_DIGITAL.

Replace : any car you like.

Notice any bug? PM me. I'll fix it within the next update.
How to report bug? PM me on my page (fast reponse depending busy or not)


Credit :
NaturalMotion : CSR Racing 2 McLaren 570S
ZenZoit : Scratch the 570GT Parts
Zen-Imogen Convert to V
HNDSYRN : P Zero Tyres.
adi_armstrong : Some stuff I've use from his 570S.
Kunos Simulazion : Assetto Corsa Textures
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