2017 Volkswagen Amarok Tamlans Swedish Ambulance | ELS 1.1

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Hey! This is my 2017 VW Amarok Tamlans Ambulance that i've worked on for quite a long time.

Update 1.1: Should have fixed some people experiencing crashes on spawning the vehicle. Also fixed rear windows not being translucent

I've modeled everything on this vehicle except for the front cabin and front interior. So this has been quite some time in the making.

This is my baby so please take care of her. And if you misuse her i will misuse you ;)

You may use this vehicle in your clan if you wish, just give me a cookie first.

The equipment on the vehicle is modeled and textured by me, and consists of the following:

Full ambulance compartment, rear interior
Standby L52
Standby Led Panels in roof compartment (don't remember the real name)
Standby L76
Front extralights
Handy XL on dashboard
Rear stretcher

The skin has been created by my cousin Krijag

Front cabin and interior by Yellow1441 (Yelkant Modaci)

And once again, Please don't misuse the mod or try to steal it, that would just result in me not releasing any other vehicles.

If you're planning to make a skin for this vehicle, keep in mind to only upload the skin textures and not any of the original vehicle files. Thank you

Keep in mind that this vehicle is pretty detailed and therefor has a quite high amount of polygons. I am not sure about the effects of this in GTA but keep that in mind if experiencing performance issues on weaker computers.

Hope you Enjoy!
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