Heartbeat Physics(Patch 1.0.1290.1 + Drift Options) 1.4

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Welcome to my Handling Modification:

All Vehicles One File(A.V.O.H) Heartbeat Physics.

It´s a work in progress and it´s not meant to be realistic, it´s rather experimental, but that does not mean, it´s not a good handling modification.;)


GTA V Patch 1.0.1290.1


-Brake Force
-Engine Damage

and more...


Drag and drop the handling.meta to



Version 1.3

This Version is a complete overhaul of the default Handling Physics and should be contain the handling lines of all the new cars and previous Updates of course. The new goal was and is to make it possible to drift like in Need for Speed or at least similar to it.

The steering lock angle are increased for all vehicles, Brakeforce reduced, Topspeed higher and the automatically slowing down bullshit deactivated!;)

Version 1.4

-Mplts & SpUpgrade DLC Vehicles added.

-Automatic Brakes should now be deactivated on all Vehicles.

-One new Option added(Drift + Intelligent Traction Control + more Power)

-A few other minor changes and optimisations.

for Example:

Increased Break and Handbreakforce, because
if you want to drift with the Traction Control Handling
you need better Brakes, to initiate a Drift more easy)

Engine Damage:

One specific modification is very interesting. The engine damage in relation to the vehicle damage. It´s possible to make one or more crashes and the vehicle is still drivable, while the engine is more damaged and you have to try to start the vehicle again. This situation is very immersive in my opinion and makes a lot of fun. I hate it to repair my car every minute, but it´s hilarious whenever Trevor is yelling about the broken engine.^^


I did the drift handling so that it´s possible to drift for a few seconds even if you are not an expert in it. But it can be very challenging too. There are cars more easy to drift and others you should better go to a driving school or you will make a lot of crashes.:) I recommend to you to spawn the Obey 9F to get an impression of this new handling modification.


The bikes should be very moveable and fast in my opinion. It´s a hell of fun to drive with over 200 km/h through the town and be able to keep the control. So it is a bit similar to the Vanilla Handling. Why not? But they do not automatically slowing down and the Topspeed is high(300 km/h+). I reduced the Brakeforce for all Vehicles, because the vanilla brakes are immersion breaking.


Trucks have more power now. More optimisations maybe in the future.





Future Goals:

In the current Version all Vehicles are driftable or not at all if you chosse a different handling file. I want to merge all the different handlings in one perfect handling file. With cars which are meant to be driftable and others less or not at all. But thats time consuming. In the meanwhile there will be improvements and fixes.

You have 4 Options to chosse from:

1. Drift
2. Drift + More Power
3. Drift + Intelligent Traction Control^^(i know, i know, try it;)
4. No Drift at all(Like a Train^^)
5. Drift + Intelligent Traction Control + more Power

Let me know if i did a mistake or something is messed up or a specific Vehicle isn´t modified like it should be. The automatic slowing down crap from Rockstar should be deactivated on all vehicles now. It´s possible that i´ve forgot to deactivate it for some cars. Please let me know in the comment section. Thanks and Have Fun.

Please respect the work of others and do not copy or reupload this modification without my Permission. Thank You.
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