Realistic Underglow Lights [Replace]

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-Replaces the car's default Underglow with a Brighter underglow

-Brighter underglow
-Realistic radius (For most of the vehicles, some SUVs have wrong Underglow placement, can't fix that)
-Works with any color
-Works with most cars (Some cars don't have the feature to add underglow)
-Compatible with any graphics mod (since it just replaces a data file)

-No interior/dashboard lights (You can use the MENYOO or Simple Trainer for GTA V or any other trainer to do that)

How to use in-game
-Just like the normal way, go to Los Santos Customs and buy the Neon lights, or use a Trainer to do that

-Some cars don't have underglows
-Some SUVs have weird Neon light placement


1.0: Base
-Corrected radius for most of the cars
-Brighter underglow

Replace the "visualsettings.dat" in the following location:
That's it!

Manual Installation
Go to the following location first:
Inside, go to the file called "visualsettings.dat" and search "neon"
Change the "car.neon.intensity" and "car.neon.radius" according to your wish

You can check out my YouTube channel if you want :D
Feel free to ask any questions in the comments!
It's a free-to-use mod!

This mod is inspired from Brighter Neons and Colored Vehicle Lighting by immason25
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