Canis Mesa Armored Turret | Mexican Air Force [Replace/Add-On/FiveM] 1.0

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Canis Mesa Armored Turret Air Force Mexican [Add-On FiveM]

This Canis Mesa Pickup is Modified to assimilate the Mexican Air Force Pickup "Jeep Wrangler Rubicon" with Minigun Rotating Turret (GTA V Native)

General data:

-Car handling: limo2
-Good handling
-Functional Weapon [Minigun]
-Functional Sirens [No ELS] [Not in the Replace]
-Breakable Glass
-Extras lights
-Flag on the Bumper
-Liverys - Not Available (Coming Soon)
-AddOn Singleplayer - Not Available (Coming Soon)
-FiveM AddOn - Available
-Lore Friendly 100 (Except for Camouflage)

Used Cars [GTA V Originals]

-Sirens: police3, police4
-Minigun machine gun: limo2

-Base Vehicle: Canis Crusader
-Vehicle Interior: Canis Crusader

Mia Note: I am just starting with the Modding World in GTA V, If You Have Any Error / Bug Please Notify It

How to Install ...


To Install on your FiveM Server is Simple ...

1 - You go to the Folder of "[FivemAddon]"

2 - Put it in your Folder "Resources"

3 - You write in your "server.cfg" (Alternative "scripts.cfg", "resources.cfg"): "start mesafam" or "ensure mesafam"

4 - Ready to Enjoy ...


1 - To install it in Singleplayer as Addon is like this.

2 - The "[Add-On SP]" file is placed in the "dlcpacks" folder (mods / update / x64 / dlcpacks)

3 - After they write in the file "dlclist.xml" dlcpacks: / mesafam / (mods / update.rpf / common / data)

4 - Save and Start the Game !!


1 - Search with "OpenIV" the following .. "limo2"

2 - You go where I indicate and you replace it


! WisraelRx 1312

Esta Camioneta Canis Mesa esta Modificada para asimilar a la Camioneta de la Fuerza Aerea Mexicana "Jeep Wrangler Rubicon" con Torreta Rotatoria Minigun (Nativa de GTA V)

Datos Generales:

-Manejo del carro : limo2
-Buen Manejo
-Arma Funcional [Minigun]
-Sirenas Funcionales [No ELS][No en la Replace]
-Vidrios Quebrables
-Luces Extras
-Bandera en el Parachoques
-Liverys - No Disponible (Proximamente)
-AddOn Singleplayer - No Disponible (Proximamente)
-FiveM AddOn - Disponible
-Lore Friendly 100 (A exepcion de Camuflaje)

Carros Usados [Originales de GTA V]

-Sirenas: police3, police4
-Ametralladora Minigun: limo2

-Vehiculo Base: Canis Crusader
-Interior del Vehiculo: Canis Crusader

Nota Mia: Solo estoy empezando con el Mundo del Modding en GTA V, Si Tiene algun Error/Bug Favor de Notificarlo

Como Instalar...

Para Instalar en tu Servidor de FiveM es Sencillo...

1- Vas a la Carpeta de "[FivemAddon]"

2-Lo ponen en su Carpeta "Resources"

3- Escribes en tu "server.cfg" (Alternativa "scripts.cfg", "resources.cfg") : "start mesafam" o "ensure mesafam"

4- Listo a Disfrutar...


1- Para Instalarlo en Singleplayer como Addon es asi..

2- El Archvio de "[Add-On SP]" lo ponemos en la carpeta "dlcpacks" (mods/update/x64/dlcpacks)

3- Despues Escriben en el archvio "dlclist.xml" dlcpacks:/mesafam/ (mods/update.rpf/common/data)

4- Guardas e Inicias el Juego!!


1- Busca con "OpenIV" lo siguiente.. "limo2"

2- Vas a donde te indique y lo Remplazas


! WisraelRx 1312
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