Dundreary Landstalker Improved [Replace + Addon] 1.5


"The Dundreary Landstalker is a full-size luxury SUV driven by people you assume must be drug dealers or trophy wives, because that's easier than dealing with the very real possibility that they might just be more attractive and successful than you are. But with the the SWB version now available, the shorter wheel base means better handling to evade the cops, so this one is actually driven by drug dealers." -Southern San Andreas Super Autos

1.5: Added back the Long wheel base version, with the improvements I made to the SWB and it now replaces the original. SWB is now the add-on (users of previous versions, check the read me to reinstall the original tuning parts, disregard if you are downloading for the first time). Improved the model further with painted rear side pillars, headrest for rear seats and other tweaks.
1.1: Improved the model, made the entire roof straight, improved polyflow in some areas, added new parts like the license place frame, improved rear door and arch

This is a improved version of the Landstalker, meant as a replace, with a shorter wheel base as add-on, tweaked textures and fully working tuning from the original, adapted for the shorter body. This is meant to be a mid-trim level between the Dundreary Landroamer and the more luxurious Dundreary Landstalker.

Features and bugs
All ingame basic functions (LODs, Glass Shards, Tuning...)
This was done for fun in one day so let me know if there are bugs here or on discord. It was beta tested but something can always be missed

Installation instructions
Basic easy to install DLC format. Add the bravostalker to the dlc directory and add lines on dlclist. Full pathways in the readme.

Original model: Rockstar Games
Model tweaking: Bravo-one-charlie
Middle break light from IlayArye's Landroamer
Inspired by Tall70's GTAIV Landstalker
Screenshots: RedITA and carlover236
Thanks to all that beta tested it

For permission to use assets made by me, message me.
Do not reupload without permission to any other website
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