Volkswagen Golf VR6 2003 [Replace | Tuning] 1.2



Substitui o carro feltzer2 

Convertido e modificado: Luizinho(khajiitBR) 

carro: Viitin's Garage 
caixa de som Tornado: GB3D , Devidim3D 
caixa de som Pioneer: Desconhecido 

Convertido e modificado: Luizinho(khajiitBR) 


Use o OPENIV para instalar o mod:http://openiv.com/ 

Não esqueça de fazer backup antes de instalar. 

local do carro: 

local do tuning: 

Os tunnings substituem os para-choques. 

POR FAVOR se fazer vídeo usando o carro, fale os créditos!! 


Obs: Essa é a versão 1.0, por isso possui alguns bugs.

==== ENGLISH :====

Replaces the car: feltzer2

Converted and Modified:luizinho(khajiitBR)


Use the OPENIV to install the mod:http://openiv.com/

Don't forget to back up before installing.

Location of the car:

Location of the tuning:

Tunnings replace bumpers

obs:This is version 1.0 so it has some bugs.

PLEASE if you make video using the car speak the credits !!

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  • 114230

    Wow, very nice job, thx ;) plz MK3 Cab plz

    6 Ocak 2017, Cuma
  • Default

    @RealRastax Thank you, I'll put it on my list ..

    6 Ocak 2017, Cuma
  • 114230

    @luizinho castilhos Ohhh thanks thanks ;)

    6 Ocak 2017, Cuma
  • Default

    can you put the headlights to it

    6 Ocak 2017, Cuma
  • Default

    pleace add adon

    6 Ocak 2017, Cuma
  • 2a7b8a superman 3123942b

    @luizinho castilhos This look amazing! Thanks for this! :-)

    @RealRastax - Been a while since I spoke to you mate! Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year! :-)

    6 Ocak 2017, Cuma
  • 95cb71 watermark

    cool mod man just letting you know you said its a vr6 but you put a 1.8T 20v motor in it but other than that it is a ok mod

    6 Ocak 2017, Cuma
  • Default

    Yes, I intend to correct the headlights on the next update.

    6 Ocak 2017, Cuma
  • Default

    @illestlil Sorry, I'll try to correct this.

    6 Ocak 2017, Cuma
  • Default

    @EDraven2010 thank you bro!!

    6 Ocak 2017, Cuma
  • 114230

    @EDraven2010 Yes yes impeccable, it was brilliant, thank you my friend, I hope that everything passed well you too, me also wish you one very Merry christmas and one happy New Year ;)

    7 Ocak 2017, Cumartesi
  • Heists2

    please do peugeot 208 please and seat leon 2016

    7 Ocak 2017, Cumartesi
  • 670f28 bfnxxbfhanc

    Rims look too big.

    7 Ocak 2017, Cumartesi
  • Default

    Do you guys know where i could get the same car but as an add-on ? Plz

    8 Ocak 2017, Pazar
  • Default

    the wheels at first photo it the orginal for the model?? they are amazing
    btw very nice job

    9 Ocak 2017, Pazartesi
  • Default

    it will be verry nice if can add the normal front lip of an 1.4l and the back without the shown exhaust and highline and compfortline tuning would be verry nice so i can tune my car like my own real on mk 4 :D

    10 Ocak 2017, Salı
  • Trevor2

    1.8 20vt engine under the hood, Not a VR6
    But nice car \/Mod

    12 Ocak 2017, Perşembe
  • 2dd721 fryske flage fryslan 3

    rims are to big and the car only load ins when your well. next to it

    30 Mart 2017, Perşembe
  • 0a6710 nanface

    engine is wrong but it looks really nice.

    21 Mayıs 2017, Pazar
  • Default

    Wheels are way too big.

    1 gün önce
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