AFK's Better Handling 1.7.5-1


to install this you will need openiv >> http://openiv.com/
install guide is in the file
all vehicles included ++ dlcs
what i did?

-increased visual damage from crashes on all cars 15-25%
now you will see more damage on your vehicle but it will not be destroyed with the first impact
-decreased damage from crashes on planes, -50%
-plane turbulence -60%
-this mod breaks the limit of boring 120 mph
-sports car top speed now is 130-170 mph anyways is too hard to drive +180mph
-faster bycicles :D
have fun with the bulldozer, carefull ;) it wheights 950000 perfect to play with the shovel
same to the rusty tractor
and the cutter
the ztype can reach 180
and the jb700 170
any sugestion is welcome, op will deliver
-smooth brakes
-decreased traction on some vehicles (just a little)
-fixed some issues
-now all planes can hit 200 mph while flying high
---------------------------------------------------- update:
-fixed all planes issues
-smooth fly, easier landing
-now inverted flying is posible
-big planes feel heavy
check out my other mod
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