Nissan Skyline GT-R 34 2002 [Add-On / Replace / Animated | Template] 1.0



Nissan Skyline GT-R 34 2002 for GTA 5.

До 27.06.2017 модель является эксклюзивом для сайтов:

ManiaMods.ru! & GTA5-Mods.com!



Запрещено загружать на любой ресурс БЕЗ УКАЗАНИЯ ВСЕХ АВТОРОВ И ИХ САЙТОВ!


Quality HQ interior & exterior;
Quality 3D engine;
GTA 5 license plates (front extra);
Correct damage;
Correctly collision;
Correct camera;
Bullets impact;
Correct reflection mirror;
Correct all tinting;
Correct headlights;
Working animation exhausts & engine;
Correct proportions;
Hands on the steering wheel;
Correct light;
Correct door functionality;
Work speedometer and radio;
Support pain jobs, template including;
Work neon;
Correctly sits the driver and passenger;
Working suspension and transmission;
The wheel remains intact with a broken tire;
Dirt effect;
You can add figurines in the garage Benny's;
Painted In five colors:
[CLR:1] - body;
[CLR:2] - caliper and suspension;
[CLR:4] - wheels;
[CLR:6] - interior (only via trainer and in Benny's mod shop);
[CLR:7] - dashboard & interior (only via trainer and in Benny's mod shop).

Model from: Forza Horizon 3
Conversion in GTA 5: p4elkin & Alex9581
Author of textures of tires and other textures: Tizir, p4elkin, Alex9581
(homepage: ManiaMods.ru)
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  • Gtao01

    Nice Rotas boi :P

    Just kidding though, amazing model, looks awesome. My only suggestions would be the change the dial texture (it looks pretty bad right now, a weird pinkish red that seems to be extremely low quality), and maybe an option to change the driver's seat, as it looks kinda strange with the extra bolsters on the top. That's just my preference though, the real problem is that horrid dial.

    Other than that, it's perfect! Thank god I didn't update my game and blocked OpenIV updates so I can use this mod.

    5 gün önce
  • Franklin3

    @Al3x_M3rc3r I just expressed my opinion about the endless repetitions. but you obviously are not okay with the psyche. I no one insulted. and you're allowed to call me a "disgrace". It is a direct insult.

    5 gün önce
  • Gtao01

    Well, I just realized that the headlights, tallights and performance tuning don't work on the addon for me. Is it because my game isn't updated? Any solutions?

    5 gün önce
  • 34496c boxxy121698765461

    Just tested this and it's beautiful you have outdone yourself♥ 10/10 perfection

    5 gün önce
  • 3a8370 hqdefault

    @Alex9581 Спасибо, братишь! Хороший подгон!

    5 gün önce
  • Default

    Plate can make bigger?pls

    5 gün önce
  • Lts

    @Alex9581 Thanks i love your cars

    5 gün önce
  • Default

    Ща бы 34-тый без тюнинга в релиз пускать. Нужно дорабатывать + ливери различных тюнинг ателье на базе 34-того тоже не помешали бы

    5 gün önce
  • 3d0be2 isi new logo

    @Alex9581...........Change Driving Seat Simple Update With Some Tuning ............... Can u pls Pagani Zonda Cinque From Game68240 Addon and Fix Roof Pls...

    4 gün önce
  • Default

    И где вы видели леворульный гетер??? Че зе бред?

    4 gün önce
  • Gtao56

    @alex20121981 Thank ypu so much mate!!!!

    4 gün önce
  • B8abb3 db7euqwufcs

    @Vladka_72 раз такой умный то где твой 34? с тюнингом и ливери? а? покажи мне свой гтр

    4 gün önce
  • Default

    @ApacheSS, оо, нет. С меня конвертов хватит ещё со времён GTA SA. Старался всегда делать качественно и на совесть и от этих работ жду того-же)

    3 gün önce
  • 1a45d9 kkkkkkk


    3 gün önce
  • 1fb61b images

    can you make it so the spoiler can be taken off?

    3 gün önce
  • Default

    someone should make a paul walker livery

    2 gün önce
  • Default

    what trainer is he using in the first video????? is it the simple trainer

    2 gün önce
  • Default

    Are all LODS available?

    7 hours ago
  • Michael3

    Perfect model

    3 hours ago
  • Default

    Disliked because author is completely inadequate and ignorant.

    3 hours ago
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