Vanillaworks Extended Pack [Add-On | OIV | Tuning | Liveries] 2.1.1


Vanillaworks Extended is an add-on pack that includes a collection of lore-friendly vehicles and peds from various different mod creators.

- This pack will replace the carcols.ymt, carvariations.ymt, dispatch.meta, gameconfig.xml, popcycle.dat, popgroups.ymt, vehicles.meta & vehiclemodelsets.meta files. If you want to ensure that there's no conflicts with any of the other mods you have installed it is recommended to install this pack on a clean copy of the game (or of the "mods" folder) and only then start adding other mods in to the game. (This may however cause certain features of this pack to stop working.)

- Game version: 1.0.1290.1 - Doomsday Heist Update (Older versions of the game are not supported)
- Mods folder
- A trainer such as Menyoo or Simple Trainer

- Over 200 high quality lore-friendly vehicles
- 4 high quality lore-friendly peds
- Multiple new NPC modified vehicles made from the vehicles included in this pack
- Over 100 new NPC modified vehicles made from the base game and DLC vehicles
- DLC vehicle color variations
- Pack vehicles spawn naturally in traffic
- Two Vanillaworks License Plates
- Uninstall .OIV Package

The full ped and vehicle list can be found here or in the "Included peds & vehicles.txt" file located inside the archive. The spawn names and the ped & vehicle preview images can also be found in the same documents.

- IVPack
- Realism Dispatch Enhanced
- Vanillaworks Extended Livery Pack
- World of Variety

The mods that are listed above are fully compatible with this pack. Other mods may or may not work with it.

- 11john11
- 13stewartc
- Alex_Ashfold
- AlexanderLB
- AlexVonShep
- Algonquin Hood
- Aquamenti
- Artistraaw
- Bob322
- Boywond
- Break
- BrettYea
- Carrythxd
- Cass
- cp702
- CushinForDaPushin
- Da7K
- Dani02
- Darewnoo
- Dilapidated
- DynamoHotRun
- Figureight
- fummy
- Glennoconnell
- GLion
- GogoDG
- ilayarye
- Jay Jay
- Johnny362000
- JoonasPRKL
- KermanRB12
- Lozano71
- Lt.Caine
- Lundy
- MGgames100
- Murcielago
- OtherSideGuy
- RDE Team
- ReNNie
- RileyBlue
- SwaGGer_1337
- Tall70
- Testarossa
- TG_Stig
- TheF3nt0n
- TheAdmiester
- Voit Turyv
- Widowmaker
- WildBrick142
- Xepy
- Yard1

Full credits can be found in the ReadMe file.

- Fixed BF Injection Raid's liveries (Temporary fix, Bob322 will fix it properly at some point in the future)
- Fixed the BMX Custom, Nagasaki Kenshin, Western Motorcycle Company Golem & Western Motorcycle Company Slasher (Hopefully they don't cause crashes/memory errors anymore)

- Updated Bob322's Car Trailer to version 1.3
- Updated Voit Turyv's, Vanillaworks Team's, 11john11's, artistraaw's & others Declasse Vigero Rumbler Pack to version 2.1

- Updated ilayarye's Emergency Utility Truck Livery Pack to 1.2

- Added a Google Drive and Mega.nz optional download links to the download section
- Added a download link for a 2.1 to 2.1.1 Patch to the download section (Only for the people who have already downloaded the 2.1 update)
- Changed Progen Tyrus (tyrus2) name to Progen Tyrus S
- Possibly fixed the crashes that happened in certain areas around the map

- Added Bob322's Clean Vehicle Pack (bulldozer2, dump2, mixer3, mixer4, tiptruck3, tiptruck4, towtruck3, towtruck4)
- Added Bob322's Lowbed Trailer (tr5)
- Added Da7K's Benefactor Glendale Krieger Special (glendale3)
- Added Dani02's Declasse Merit Classic (merit2)
- Added glennoconnell's Obey Tailgater (tailgater3)
- Added MGgames100's Jobuilt Haulmaster (haulmaster, haulmaster2)
- Added MGgames100's Nagasaki Blazer Retro (blazer6)
- Added MGgames100's Progen Tyrus (tyrus2)
- Added MGgames100's Western Company Weaponized Besra (besra2)
- Added MGgames100's Western Motorcycle Company Golem (golem)
- Added MGgames100's Western Motorcycle Company Slasher (slasher)
- Added SwaGGer_1337's Grotti Cheetah (cheetah4)
- Added tall70's Declasse Short Granger (granger2, granger3)
- Added TheF3nt0n's Mapped Box Trailer Pack (trailers5, trailers6)
- Added xXGARRAPPAXx's Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic Cabrio (rapidgt4)
- Added xXGARRAPPAXx's Vapid Big Ol' Bobcat (bobcat3)

- Added 11john11's LSPD Declasse Merit Classic (police16)
- Added BrettYea's, 11john11's & Dani02's Vapid Sadler Retro Lifeguard (lguard2)
- Added glennoconnell's Vapid Police Cruiser Retro (police17)
- Added Voit Turyv's, Vanillaworks Team's, 11john11's, artistraaw's & others Declasse Vigero Rumbler Pack (vighway, vigpolice, vigpolice2, vigsheriff)

- Fixed Annis Elegy RH-5's missing fenders on the right side
- Fixed Coil Street Brawler's missing interior texture
- Fixed Invetero Coquettes light IDs
- Fixed Karin Sultan RS CT's texture bug
- Fixed Vapid Liberator's texture bug

- Updated fummy's & TG_Stig's Benefactor Streiter Wagon to version 1.3
- Updated glennoconnell's Vapid Stanier to version 1.2
- Updated Voit Turyv's, Vanillaworks Team's, 11john11's, artistraaw's & others Declasse Vigero Rumbler Pack to version 2.0

- Added ReNNie's liveries for Maibatsu Mule (mule6), MTL Pounder (pounder2) & Vapid Benson (benson2)

- Separated all of the emergency vehicles (ems, fire, police) in to a separate add-on called "DispatchWorks" (Thanks to AlexanderLB, Sealyx, Serranita & Voit Turyv for suggesting the name and thanks to Boywond for the poster)
- Removed the Annis Elegy RH5 extra wheels
- Removed the Simple Trainer Support option (Simple Trainer V6.8 and above adds add-on vehicles in to the Added Vehicles Menu automatically)
- Removed various police vehicles from traffic
- Changed various things in the vehicles.meta (base game)
- Possibly fixed the crashes that happened in various areas around the map

Previous changelogs can be found here.

- Coroner Service
- Dispatch of Variety
- GTAExtended
- IVPack
- Lively World
- Lore-Friendly Car Pack Previews
- New License Plates
- Overhauled Trains
- Realism of Dispatch
- Vanillaworks Extended Livery Pack
- World of Variety

1. Open OpenIV
2. Go to Tools -> Package Installer
3. Find the "VWE.oiv" file and open it
4. Click on "Install"
5. Choose the "mods" folder option and wait for it to finish the installation

1. Open the "VWE.oiv" file with 7Zip/WinRar
2. Open the "assembly.xml" file with Notepad/Notepad++
3. Follow the installation paths and place the files in their correct locations

Installation order for the IVPack, Realism Dispatch Enhanced and World of Variety options can be found in the ReadMe.txt and the .OIV file.

The previous versions of this pack are available here.
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