Gun Sounds Overhaul 2.1


Changelog 2.1 :


Pump Shotgun sound from GSO 1 is back with higher quality and now plays on both speakers

Carbine rifle sound is Fixed

Combat Mg sound changed

New Micro SMG sound effect

New Explosion sound effects (not entirely changed)


Special Carbine and Bullpup Rifle sounds changed

Hello everyone! i know i know...i kept you people waiting for an update on this mod and i hope you love the improvements in 2.1 !

READ ME IS INCLUDED THIS TIME ! One by one you'll be able to install without problems now!

PROS: I used 2 new technique never used it before but this makes few auto guns sound much louder and better !

What Technique one Does? :
whenever you fire these guns before, it sounded like two shots if you fired 1 . Now 1 shot = 1 sound

What Technique two does? :
If you looked into WEAPONS.awc a lot like i do, youll notice that there are some files with proper names for example SLOW MO SHOT 1 or etc.
and thing about them is, they occupy most of the WEAPONS.AWC and thats why whenever you try to add sound files that are too large like 400kb, openiv corrupts that weapons.awc file and you get no weapon sound in game.
So i replaced those unused "huge" audio files with blank 1kb - 10kb sound files! AAAANNNNDDD replaced sounds of weapons we have now, with much higher quality sounds ! . (if weapons.awc size exceeds 18.56 mb , game corrupts it. However if you lower it, it works perfectly)


Combat mg, shares sound set with Pistol 50
Combat pistol, shares sound set with Carbine rifle
Assault Rifle shares sound set with Pistol
Advanced Rifle shares sound set with Heavy Pistol

Enjoy !

Few bugs exists. Please wait for the fix (im not lying this time) :D
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