M32A1 MSGL [EFT, Replace, Custom Ammo] 1.0

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Replace "grenadelauncher"

Milkor M2A1 sight.
2 colors.
5 types of ammunition.

Select and replace the 'weapons.meta' that matches the ammunition you wish to use. Each ammunition is as follows.

Original It has the same specifications as the official Rockstar product.
It explodes when it hits a creature or vehicle. It bounces when it hits the ground or a building.

Impact Grenade It explodes the moment it hits the target, regardless of the target.

Mine Rounds This ammunition is inspired by the Mine Rounds that appeared in Resident Evil 3 Remake.
Deploys a proximity mine when it hits a vehicle, the ground, or a building. It explodes the moment it hits a creature. It will also explode if it takes damage from gunfire or fire.
When deployed, it will emit blue light. It detonates when it emits red light. After being placed, it will self-destruct 30 seconds later.
It flies faster than normal grenade ammunition. Also, since it flies in a straight line without drawing a parabola, it is easy to attack fast-moving targets.

Incendiary If it hits a vehicle, it will not destroy it immediately, but will set it on fire. Due to the nature of GTA 5, distant flames disappear, so it must be used at medium distances.

Buckshot This ammunition fires pellets like a shotgun. 20 pellets are deadly to creatures at close range.

--How to installation--
Described in Readme. Rockstar updates often change the installation location and Meta content.

--Update log--
Ver 1.0 release.

There is no problem in particular.

Battlestate Games

Please do not unlock ydr.
Please do not re-upload. Also, please do not upload to other sites.
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