Real gun stats (fire rate, damage, magazine, range) 0.3


Arent you tired of those weapon fire rates? Damage? And other stats? I have a solution.
This mod is editing your weapons

- Fire rate
- Damage
- Magazine size
- Range

I tried to make stats as real weapons.
Im developing it alone. More features will come in future like.

Installation is in Readme.txt

! I ve been getting reports of issues so since its based on this mod i highly recommend firstly download Rage V and then download my mod ! https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/real-rage-weapons-and-damage-enhancer - LINK

In that you will find which guns are included.
If you want any weapon script just write me on discord 31M#5947.

Weapons -
Assault rifle - AK (Luxe - RPK)
Carbine rifle - M4
Pistol - Beretta
Combat pistol - Glock (Luxe - USP)
Vintage pistol - Five-seveN
Heavy pistol - 1911
Pistol50 - Deagle
Appistol - Glock 18C (Luxe - APS)
Assault SMG - P90
Compact rifle - AK74M or vz58
Assault rifle mk2 - AK400 (Mags - AK12, AK15, AK19)
Carbine rifle mk2 - Galil (buggy - alpha)
Pistol mk2 - P226
SMG mk2 - UMP (mags - UMP45 (soon UMP40 and UMP9)
Bullpup rifle - Famas
Special carbine - G36
Micro smg - MP9 (Luxe - Mac-10)

More to come -
(I will make a pack with icons, stats and names)


Sounds that i am using:

0.2 - I just found out that SMGs and 5.56x45mm Carbines got +25% fire rate. Im fixing that + Im adding more guns like machine pistol, mini smg etc. I decreased fire rate of Carbines and Advanced rifle, I decrased fire rate of SMGs. I increased fire rate of AKs and vz58 by 25RPM.

0.3 - The range update

0.4 - Not out yet, but i will be adding Sniper rifles, may MGs and Shotguns
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