Underwater House 2


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alebal3 missions pack with the new Mission Maker
We have already arrived at 50 new missions, and others will arrive shortly.

My second underwater house.
More in depth, more bigger, more higher, more detailed, and with an underwater entrance for the submarine.

For now I had an apartment, but it could be anything. So I did a complete file, a file with only the interior, a file with an empty structure.
Perhaps in the future I'll do something else. I would leave the structure open-source, if you want to put in something else and sharing go ahead, possibly with credits.

- Before opening the game, run OpenIV and go to edit mode, Navigate to common.rpf/data/level/gta5
BACKUP water.xml in case something went wrong.
And then replace it with the one included in the archive.

Then open game and load the alebal_underwater_house_2 file with the editor.
You need Map Editor by Guadmaz https://it.gta5-mods.com/scripts/map-editor,
F7 -> load -> xml -> alebal_underwater_house_2

Know bugs :. I added the fish at the end, and I noticed that sometimes they die ... all ... one by one ... a real marine tragedy. If Greenpeace finds out tomorrow I find them in my garden with the boat pulling me bottles full of piss.
I do not know exactly why it happens, does not always happen, sometimes swim happily for hours.
I think the lowest water level at times create confusion. I'll see if I can do something about this in the future.

Hey, have you seen my new missions pack?
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Create maps for this game is a big work and take a lot of time !! So if you like my uploads and want to Encourage me, you can donate by the way of paypal by clicking under my nickname
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