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While I was driving around Los Santos shooting up different gangs, I came across Madrazo's house at La Fuente Blanca. I got the idea to change the pologoons or gang members at his house to the Mexgang outfit! I didn't think they were going to wear the cowboy hats and sunglasses, but they did! I thought their outfits fit well in the area around them! So like I did with my Yakuza Takedown, I added a lot more cartel members and some vehicles/props.

It turned out that this is actually a really hard map to play, without godmode or bodyguards.

You must have open all interiors downloaded and an updated map editor

Installation in the read me
If u want the ambient latin guitar music for inside the house, then I put the guitar music in the file along with the outfits.

i recomend u download these to improve gameplay;

ZIPPO RAID's hipshot revolver mod, which gives the npc's hillbilly aim:

ATP2555's improved gang loadouts:

JediJosh920's bullet impact version 1.2 for a harder challenge:

JediJosh920 and BRAVERCOOLIO's euphoria ragdoll:

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