Cones of San Andreas 1.1 (Yellow)

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Cones of San Andreas uses highly advanced technological methods to make every cone in the game green or yellow instead of orange.

Cones of San Andreas uses highly advanced technological method to change colors of the cones in the game from orange to green or yellow, there is ZERO performance impact on your game, it might even have a performance increase depending on your system.

This mod is compatible with all mods BESIDES Natural Vision Evolved.

Other colors besides green are in the works, next update will feature many other colors of cone that you can use, along with making the reflective stripes on the cone reflect light like how they would in real life.

If you have any requests for other colors you would want to see, be sure to leave a comment. If you enjoy this modification please leave a review. If you find any issues please leave a comment and I will do my best to help you fix it.

To install the mod, simply drag and drop the .oiv file into OpenIV with edit mode on, then install the mod into your mods folder.

This mod replaces the following prop textures
Use menyoo or any other object spawner mod to put them into your game.

Yellow cone added. ALL HAIL THE YELLOW CONE! 12/27/22

(you can only install one color at a time, working on a patch so you can have green AND yellow cones at the same time.)

Rockstar games for the original cone model and texture
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