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I love the game as it is but for 5 years I've had people asking me to remove the strip club exteriors.
Let's respect that people want to play the game in different ways. The targeted audience is users of FFFR

Textures altered:
This mod alters the strip club exteriors of Vanilla Unicorn, Pitchers and Hornbills.
It also alters roof signs of the taxi cab.

Images are made gray, black and in a few cases changed in other ways.

For Vanilla Unicorn, this mod might be enough for some who wants to use the map editor mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/no-more-strip-club
It's in any case a great complement if you want to increase the feeling of the place being shut down. And if FFFR isn't used, this is great for not being able to get inside the Vanilla Unicorn strip club (the only strip club that's possible to enter).

Before you install
Make sure to use the mods folder when installing or your original files will be lost.
For much more images altered, install this first: Real ads
DLC mods altering the same textures should not be installed. For example LA Billboards - Real LA - MegaPack Add-On.

Automatic installation
In OpenIV, go to Tools and Package Installer. Find the downloaded Neutralized Adult Textures 1.0.oiv
file and click open and then install and make sure to choose the "mods folder" option.

Manual installation
.oiv is simply a .zip file which has been renamed. If you want a manual install you can find the files together with path information inside the .oiv file, if you first change the extension to .zip.

This mod is not compatible with LA Billboards - Real LA - MegaPack Add-On.

If you want to censor images in the game, go ahead and download this. Otherwise just ignore it.
Any childish/disrespectful rating will be reported and handled accordingly by the moderators.
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