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This modification will add a brand spanking new billboard texture for you to discover. One of our very own protectors and hero, Officer Ronson. He single handledly shot and killed two unarmed perpetrators in South Central within a span of 10 days. One being a deranged Vietnam veteran rejected from a hospital due to lack of insurance, the other a 17 year old honor student who ran off during a traffic stop.

Citizens of Los Santos now show their support for our heroes in blue! 22 officers bravely responded and fought with great valor over a trash can that was tipped over in Mirror Park. Furthering their stance on the War on Crime, these heroes don't take "I give up" as an answer and shoot to kill, no matter what the situation! Remember people, you too could get your own billboard... All it takes is a gun and two dead suspects within two weeks! Join the LSPD today!
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