J-16: PLAAF Low-Viz 1.5

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Based on the J-11, which itself was based on the Su-27, the Shenyang J-16 is China's latest multirole strike fighter with AESA radar, composite construction, and radar-absorbant materials.

The aircraft is considered to be one of if not the most advanced Flanker variant flying, even surpassing it's russian counterparts in many key aspects.

- Requirements -
Su-30MKK by FoxtrotDelta

- Installation -

TEXTURE ONLY - For just the skin
Replace su30mkk.ytd in:

CUSTOM SETTINGS - Custom handling, custom modkit(removable missiles)

1.Open the original dlc.rpf in [mods\upadate\x64\dlcpacks\su30mkk\], take su30mkk.yft & su30mkk_hi.yft and drop them onto your desktop.

2.Extract the dlc.rpf in "Custom Archive" and replace it in the same location.

3.Drop su30mkk.yft & su30mkk_hi.yft that you extracted before and put them in: [mods\upadate\x64\dlcpacks\su30mkk\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles\vehicles.rpf\]

This basically replaces everything except the model.
Use a trainer and you should find the mod option to remove the missiles under chassis.
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