Irish Gangsters (GTA IV) 1.0

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''Whoever said that Irish American gangs are a myth nowadays, doesn't know shit.

The McReary's are far from gone to this day and age. Irish American gangsters from the East Coast are arriving to the state of San Andreas to establish a Los Santos branch of the McReary Crime Family as a favor to Gerry, ran by Patrick McReary himself.

What used to be known as one of the most savage organizations in 70's Liberty, to then a petty street gang made up of hired thugs and drug dealers, is now becoming everyday more organized. Making alliances with the local Armenian Mob, as well as many Mexican street gangs or outlaw biker gangs, has earned them their place in the Los Santos criminal underworld, not yet at the level of the Triads or the Vagos, but close nonetheless..''

The McReary's replace two peds of the Armenian mob for now. There's also a third Irish goon from IV, which I haven't ported into the game yet, but I will of course, include it in future updates, alongside the gang's original voice lines from GTA IV.

Also not gonna lie, the clothing items are FAR from perfect, the models do not read the normals, nor the specs, they may also look a bit blocky too as you can see from some of the screenshots. I just learned to do conversions about a week ago and i'm still unexperienced on the matter, i'll fix these details soon.

Installation is simple, just follow the path starting from the x64v.rpf file, and drop them at the end as you go.

And that was it. Happy St Paddy's Day, Lads!
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