Vietnam War US Army Pack for MP Male Beta version

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Vietnam war US army uniforms pack for Mp Male

This is a uniform pack for mp-male, featuring vietnam era us army uniforms. There are a lot of vietnam-related mods on this site, but I decided to make use of more assets from various games, which have fairly good models. I made these a while ago, bit forgot about it and decided to release it now! Great to go along with history enthusiasts and good for vietnam reenactment, also recommended to play along with 80's vehicle mods! This is a rather quick public release, but please enjoy! More will come, and are planned to arrive.

mpclothes mod - https://ko.gta5-mods.com/misc/mpclothes-addon-clothing-slots

Install Mp clothes mod from the link above, and place the files accordingly,
Just rename and replace the files to go along with your wanted textures in openiv,
and it will show up in-game!
*As long as the ydd and ytd files names are matched, textures will show up correctly

4 helmet variations
Cavalry hat
2 uniforms - Long sleeve& Short Sleeve
2 vest variations
3 belt gear variations

Beta version - Initial upload
Will update them whenever I can,
other equiment& Special Forces planned

model credits to: ComradeIvan, Activision
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