Abyssal's One-Hit Knock-Out 2.1



If you get an "unhandled exception in script" error, please read the whole description!
A simple mod that:
  • Sets max health and current health to 1 on all characters.
  • Disables armour.
  • Disables special ability for Trevor.
  • Counts deaths in an on-screen tracker. (This can be disabled)

Can you complete the challenge? Initially created for http://twitch.tv/DarkViperAU.
The death counter is stored in the "ohko_stats.txt" file in your Documents folder, but the mod has a built-in counter that's controlled by ShowDefaultDeathCounter.

Streamers - edit your "ohko_config.ini" file (in your Documents folder) and set ShowDefaultDeathCounter to False to hide the default death counter on-screen - use an OBS text source with "ohko_stats.txt" (in your Documents folder) to make your own counter!

Note: the health bar appears full, only because the character has a max health of 1. If I were to keep max health at 100, the character would constantly be damaged, affecting the phone.

Installation: Copy "ohko_config.ini" to your Documents folder (C:/Users/your username/Documents). Feel free to open and edit, but the default settings should be good for most users. Copy "ohko.dll" to your "scripts" folder in your GTA V installation folder (requires ScriptHookV and ScriptHookVDotNet)

Default keybinds: (these can be edited in ohko_config.ini)
  • Increase death count: Page up
  • Decrease death count: Page down
  • Enable/disable (toggle): F8
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