Auto Engine Sound Swapper 1.0


This script automatically replaces engine sounds on the fly, ingame.

- Any vehicle's engine sound can be swapped with another ingame engine sound
- No setup needed, just install and play
- Modders can add their configs to the script easily
- Easy to modify
- Both Player AND AI benefit from it
- Allows to fix the police sounds problem (read below)
- No performance impact

It does NOT allow you to replace ingame sounds with external sounds.
Vanilla > Vanilla only.

Have engine sounds change per EMS upgrade too.

Fixing the police sounds problem with this Swapper
Turns out emergency vehicles have their soundbanks limited to the original, vanilla emergency vehicles. The limit is now broken, as this script lets modders install any engine sound to their police vehicles via an ingame soundbank replacement, on the fly.

The sound swaps files
Check SoundSwaps/VanillaSoundSwaps.ini for an example.

The soundswaps files only take two parameters.
Target - the vehicle whose engine sound we will change.
SoundSwap - the vehicle whose engine sound we will install in the Target.

Add as much as you need, but make sure both values are delared and defined equally. There has to be the same ammount of Targets and SoundSwaps per file.

Adding sound swaps
Check the /Grand Theft Auto V/Scripts/SoundSwaps/ folder. Use the VanillaSwaps.ini file to make your own swaps file, then include that config file it in your mod when you release it.

You do not have permission to include a copy of AutoEngineSoundSwap.dll in your mod. You should link this tool in your mod's description or readme.

Install any soundswap config files in your /Grand Theft Auto V/Scripts/SoundSwaps/ folder.
You can also edit the default VanillaSwaps.ini file and edit or add as much items as you want.

.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ 2015
ScriptHookV v1.0.463.1

How to install
Extract the files into /Grand Theft Auto V/Scripts/.
SoundSwaps folder location should look like "Grand Theft Auto V/Scripts/SoundSwaps/(.ini files)"
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