Beach Patrol V 1.0


The script adds lifeguard missions from GTA Vice City Stories. To start the missions, you need to get into the Lifeguard vehicle (can be found on the beach, or near the Lifeguard buildings, which are marked on the map). A total of three types of missions are implemented:

Biker gang

You need to destroy the bikers riding on the beach. They are aggressively set against you, but nevertheless try to escape. Your task is to catch up with and destroy each one.


The ambulance has broken down. Pick up an ambulance paramedic and take him to the injured on the beach. Keep an eye on the health of the injured: it will be dropping with every second. You must save at least one person out of three to complete the task.

Save the Swimmers

In this type of mission you have to rescue people drowning in the water, close to the shore. Get in the Jet Ski and take turns bringing the victims to shore.

Special thanks to tainakov and Cowboy69 for their help in testing the modification before the release. If you encounter problems while playing with the mod, please let me know about it.

Requirements: ScriptHookDotNet, NativeUI
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