Faithful MP Wasted Respawns for SP (No Hospital!) 1.06



-- Requires ScriptHookVDotNet3 --

-- Changelog --
-Reworked the respawn logic
-In the extremely rare case of not being able to find a spawn point, spawn at the main hospital
-Fixed shard bugs

-Fixed audio flags
-Increased spawnpoint search range

-Fixed scaleform random delays

-Fixed the "Impact" part of the Wasted sound sound not playing
-Fixed Wasted sound sometimes not playing
-Reworked the Scaleform message logic

- More fixes
- Respawn loading time lowered

- Fixed deaths by knockout
- Fixed deaths by vehicle crash

Place MPWasted.dll in the scripts folder at the game directory.

A few features:
-Compatible with custom models
-Tested out of bounds
-Prevents the player ped from dropping the gun
-Valid Multiplayer respawns points! Doesn't try to find paths or near peds.

Planned features (coming soon):
-Ability to configure the respawn delay
-Optional Respawn Faster bar

Hello, for the longest time I was waiting for someone to make this mod, but apparently nobody really cared
about the ugly slow motion death. While I've seen a few attempts at it, I don't feel like they quite achieve
a faithful recreation of GTA Online's wasted screen.

While it has a few bugs still, this is by far the best recreation of the MP Wasted screen for SinglePlayer.

Please do not redistribute this mod. I only uploaded this mod to gta5-mods.com, if you see it anywhere else, it wasn't me.

Made by F121
Donations: Ko-fi.com/f121live
Source code: https://github.com/F121Live/MPWasted-For-SP
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