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- ScriptHookV,
- ScriptHookVDotNet.

OTHER MODS (Optional)

Better to enjoy with this mod: Engine Overheat Reloaded.

Coil Features is highly recommanded with Coil Display.


This is a simple fuel mod that has a lot of features, 4 consumption types,
8 vehicle types.

- Fuel in all vehicle types (also planes, helis and boats),
- Electric cars has chargeable battery,
- Plug-in Hybrid cars,
- Methanol cars,
- Throttle/RPM based consumption (more throttle pressing, more consumption),
- Fuel price differs form a vehicle type to another,
- Refueling in gas stations,
- Fuel station colored blips are visible on the map only when the player is
in vehicle,
- Player can't refuel if he has not enough money (can be disabled),
- Horn/context to refuel,
- Rehorn/repressing context to stop refueling (if you want only a specefic amount
of fuel),
- Refuel with jerrycan of realistic volume,
- Jerrycan refueling animation,
- Jerrycan controller support,
- Engine stops if you ran out of fuel,
- Small fuel level indicator,
- Distance left display,
- Fuel level linked also to fuel gauge on the dashboard,
- Fuel linked with tank and decreases if there is a leak,
- Fuel level indicator turns red if the fuel level is low,
- A lot of options in customization ini file,
- Saves fuel level of the last 20 driven vehicles,
- Saves fuel level of the last 5 driven vehicles with their license plates.

In GTA we always notice that electric cars have very higher acceleration than
other cars, so why don't we drive only this type of cars that don't need to be
charged, you know that the only bad thing in e-cars is that you have to wait
hours to get the batterie charged, so this mod adds this missing thing to the
game to make e-cars equal with other cars.

Features of electric cars:
- Realistic e-car consumption,
- Regenerative Braking System (an electrical braking that takes kenetic energy
and bring it back to the batterie),
- Fast charge at charging stations,
- You can leave your e-car while recharging and come back when it is charged,
- Blue battery level indicator,
- Custom addon ecars (taranis and savanna already added in the script),
- You can charge multiple e-cars at the same time (max 20 driven vehicles),
- Station blips are showen if the player is in e-car,
- Charging in stations (fast) and at home (normal),
- Free charging at home,
- Notification if Charging is complete,
- Recharge Skipping By Sleeping, you can sleep to skip a duration of recharging
(franklin, michael and trevor sleep 8, 6, 12 hours respectively).

R* didn't say that there is in GTA electric cars or a specific car is electric,
there is some cars that are actually Hybrid. This mod adds all Plug-in Hybrid
features with all its automatic modes to game.

Features of Hybrid cars:
- Two automatic modes (Charge Depleting Mode and Charge Sustaining Mode),
- Charge Sustaining Mode modes (Mild Acceleration, Full Acceleration and Power
Assest Mode),
- Regenerative Braking System,
- Two gauges display (fuel and batterie) or one green energy level gauge,
- Plug-in feature (the car can be charged in charging stations and at home),
- Notification if Charging is complete,
- Recharge Skipping By Sleeping.

Methanol car is a hydrogen-electric hybrid sports car running on methanol to
generate hydrogen that is scheduled to enter production in 2021, RG Nathalie is
the first car produced by the new car manufacturer RG founded by Roland Gumpert.

Features of methanol cars:
- The batterie is always charging as long as methanol tank is not empty,
- Refuel Methanol at station (there is only one that has been opened for now in
Los Santos xD),
- Regenerative Braking System,
- Two gauges display (purple methanol and blue batterie gauge) or one purple
methanol gauge,
- Plug-in feature (you can charge the car at charging stations and at home),
- Notification if Charging is complete,
- Recharge Skipping By Sleeping.

- Fuel bar position,
- Fuel bar size,
- One or two gauges,
- Throttle or RPM based,
- Horn or context to refuel,
- Custom refuel key,
- Fast refuel key,
- Requires money or not,
- Toggle blips,
- Link with tank or not,
- Disable spark effect at low fuel,
- Enable/disable fuel,
- Enable/disable ecars,
- Enable/disable planes/helis/boats,
- Enable/disable hybrid,
- Enable/disable methanol,
- Custom full tank/batterie price of each vehicle type,
- Custom range of each vehicle type,
- Custom refueling/recharging time of each vehicel type,
- 16 custom addon ecars, hybrid and methanol cars,
- 70 custom fuel/charge stations of all vehicle types,

- Pfister Neon,
- Coil Raiden,
- Pegassi Tezeract,
- Coil Voltic.
- Airtug,
- Caddy,
- Taranis (Addon),
- Savanna (Addon).
- Obey I-wagen
- Obey Omnis e-GT
- Ocelot Virtue
- Bravado Buffalo EVX
- Penaud La Coureuse

Hybrid cars:
- Karin Dilettante,
- Hijak Khamelion,
- Cheval Surge,
- Coil Cyclone.

Methanol cars:
- Overflod Imorgon.

Features premium (extra features of the Premium version):
- 5 fine-tuning options,
- Coil display,
- Saves fuel level of the last 5 driven vehicles with their license plates to exit and reenter the game. If you exit and reenter the game you will find the same fuel level that you left before exiting.

Fine-tuning customization:
- Hybrid fuel to battery ratio (how much the vehicle spends energy from each
energy source),
- Hybrid mild acceleration to full acceleration ratio (how much acceleration
requires energy from fuel and battery at the same time),
- Hybrid Power assest mode minimum battery level (the level of the battery in
which the vehicle begin to spend energy only from fuel),
- E-car gain to spend ratio (how big gaining vs spending energy),
- E-car electrical braking to mechanical braking ratio (how big braking the
vehicle will start using mechanical (normal) braking).

Coil display:
A display in some Coil cars in car and on foot.
- Controller support,
- Similar to the touch screen of the reallife Tesla Model 3,
The display indicates:
- Speed,
- Consumption,
- If a door is open,
- If the car is locked or unlocked,
- Battery level,
- How much distance can the car reach with current energy level,
- If the battery is charging,
- If Autopilot is on (requires Coil Features mod),
- If Remote Control is on (requires Coil Features mod).

Supported cars:
- Coil Raiden,
- Coil Cyclone,
- Coil Taranis (Addon).


Installation steps are included in the instruction text file.


3.5.1 and 3.5.1p:
- Fixed NullReferenceException error.

- Added light/dark theme for Coil Display,
- Added Coil Display to be working on Addon cars.

3.4 and 3.4p:
- Added distance left display,
- Fixed ecar charging not working,
- Fixed jerrycan not working.

3.3.1 and 3.3.1p:
- Fixed mod not working for Steam and Epic Games.

- Added saving fuel level to exit and renter the game.

- Added the new dlc cars,
- Extended custom addon ecars slots from 3 to 10,
- Fixed FPS drop,
- Added saving fuel level by license plate.

- All added features of version 3.2,
- Added Coil Display,
- Added 5 fine-tuning options.

- Added Jerry Can refueling animation,
- Added Jerry Can controller support,
- Added notification when e-car charging is complete.

- Fixed helicopter refueling not working,
- Fixed low fuel in hybrid and methanol cars,
- Fixed colored methanol fuel blip,
- Other fixes.

- Fixed low fuel hint (beta).

3.1 (alpha):
- Added low fuel/energy display,
- Added colorful blips.

- Fixed option to add electric/hybrid/methanol addon cars not working,
- Fixed Regenerative Braking System not working and small bugs like too mush fuel consumption,
- Fixed throttle based,
- Fixed Jerry Can volume and refueling speed.

- Rewrote script,
- Added Plug-in Hybrid cars with all its modes,
- Added Methanol cars,
- Added e-car fast charging in stations,
- Added realistic e-car consumption,
- Added link with tank (the fuel decreases if there is leaking fuel),
- Added throttle based instead of RPM option,
- Added custom stations in all vehicle types,
- Added custom min and max of random fuel,
- Added custom refueling time,
- Added refuel by pressing context instead of horning option (of cource there is
custom refuel key),
- Added blip toggling by pressing a key,
- Added realistic jerry can fuel volume,
- Added hint to jerry can,
- Improved hint display,
- Improved settings (replaced price factor with full price and consumption factor
with range),
- Fixed comma/dot problem (the vehicle run out of fuel once the player gets in
- Fixed e-car charge skiping by sleeping not always works,
- Fixed only one e-car gets charged by sleeping,
- Fixed spark effect at low fuel,
- Fixed fuel and fuel display in vehicles not driven by player,
- Fixed one blip doesn't hide,
- Fixed no blips in Helicopters,
- Fixed value decimal in prices,
- Fixed jerry can not working,
- Fixed fuel gauge doesn't hide on disabled vehicles,
- Increased max number of vehicles to 20.

- Fixed fuel/charge bar.

- Rewrote script,
- Fixed skip ecar charging,
- Added refueling with jerrycan,
- Added ini file for customization,
- Added custom ecar models (Taranis and Savanna added in script),
- Added custom fuel stations for fuel land vehicles,
- Added fix for character can't refuel,
- Added fuelbar position and width and height customisable,
- Added custom refuel key,
- Added fast refuel key,
- Added enable/disable fourwheel vehicles/planes/helis/boats/ecars
- Added custom fuel/electricity price,
- Added custom consumption factor,
- Added custom charging time,
- Added enable/disable link with dashboard for the low fuel weird effect fix.

- First release.


- Alexander Blade,
- Crosire,
- JAM102970 for testing the version 3.1.1.


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