Drug Selling Mod [.NET] (CLOSED) v0.5

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This mod adds ability to sell and buy drugs to people on the street.
i am closing this mod, i will not update it anymore, latest version is avaible at my GitHub and soon at this website, also if someone wants to pick up this mod and work on it there's also source code on GitHub in branch DrugSelling-v0.5

This modification Lets you sell drugs like:

GitHub: https://github.com/K0Stek122/DrugSelling/releases

1) Make sure you have Microsoft .NET Framework and
Visual C++ Redistributable Package installed.

2) Make sure you have ScriptHookV, ScriptHookVDotNet and NativeUI Installed.

3) Download Modification and copy both files DrugSelling.dll and DrugSelling.ini.

4) Optional: Configure modification through .ini file.

Go near any Ped on street and press key configured in .ini file.
To buy drugs go near drug dealer on grove street (up arrow icon).

Future Plans
-Add cConfiguration Through INI Files Done!
-Add Changeable Drug Selling Prices Done!
-Add Changeable Drug Buying Prices Done!
-Add Inventory Done!
-Add Vehicle Inventory Done!
-Add Drug Jobs And Events
-Add More Drugs

Known Bugs
Feel free to report any bugs in the comments.

INI File in rar might be broken, so copy this template into it:

Open Inventory: I
Sell Drugs: O
Open Car Inventory (In Car): U
Set Vehicle To Store Drugs: F10
Delete Vehicle To Store Drugs: F11
Reset Dealer Key: End
Delete Dealer Key: PageUp

I Also highly recommend to at least take a peek into .ini file because by
default prices for selling are same as prices for buying.

-Minor Improvements
-Added Configurable Random Drug Buy Prices

-Added Car Inventory, Now You Can Store Drugs In Your Car
-Added Changeable Drug Buy Prices.
-Removed BuyDrugs Button, Now You Can Just Go Near Drug Dealer To Buy Drugs.
-Added Reset Drug Dealers If Something Would Happen To Them.
-Minor Bug Fixes.

-Minor And Major Bug Fixes

-Added Inventory
-Added INI Configuration
-Added New UI
-Added New Drug Ecstasy
-Added Drug Dealers

-Initial release.
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