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GOES WELL WITH MY FEDORA AND SWORD CANE AND LONG COAT NECKBEARD MOD, as well as my ULTIMATELY BADASS https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/sob-s-extreme-difficulty-health-realism mod.

This outstanding single native crapware mod by SoB is even more useless than the ones which came before it. It gives your character Heelies-- shoes which have marvelous wheels on them, and thereby enable the wearer to coast along in style.

You can't take them off. To uninstall, as you inevitably will after you make a few 80s and rollerblade-themed editor videos, simply remove this cs file from the scripts folder-- you know, where you put it to install it. Then restart the game. That's how incredible these heelies are. You don't even know.

You have to jump to stop. Just like in real life. You can't shoot while you're this cool, but you can hold guns. Just like in real life.

As for "why?" I don't know, someone didn't request it, I know nothing, etc.

If anyone cares enough to find some sort of native that makes neon FX happen under your ped then we can have neon fucking heelies.

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