Simeon DealerShip 2.5



2.0 --> Added Cool Banners To Menus, Added a Phone Number For Ability To Buy Cars For a Certain Amount Of Money

2.5 --> Improved Money System : Realistic Prices And Some Improvments Based On @HRHGJR4 Recommendations

Mod Installation Instructions:


GTA 5 installed on your PC.
Script Hook V: Download Here: https://dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/
Script Hook V .NET: Download Here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/scripthookv-net
NativeUI: Download Here: https://github.com/Guad/NativeUI/releases

Installation Steps:

Download Required Files:

Download Script Hook V, Script Hook V .NET, and NativeUI from the provided links.

Install Script Hook V:

Copy all files from the Script Hook V ZIP into your GTA 5 game directory (where GTA5.exe is located).

Install Script Hook V .NET:

Copy all files from the Script Hook V .NET ZIP into your GTA 5 game directory.

Install NativeUI:

Copy NativeUI.dll from the NativeUI ZIP into the "scripts" folder within your GTA 5 game directory.

Install Ifruitaddon2:

Copy ifruitaddon2.dll from the iFruitAddon2-2.1.0 ZIP into the "scripts" folder within your GTA 5 game directory.

Install The Mod:

Download the mod files.

Extract or copy the mod files into your GTA 5 "scripts" folder, create one if not done already.

Verify Installation:

Ensure that the following files are present in your GTA 5 game directory:

(scripts folder) NativeUI.dll
(scripts folder) ifruitaddon2.dll
(scripts folder) SimeonDealerShip.dll

Launch the Game:

Start GTA 5 as you normally would.
Your mod should be active if installed correctly.

Open Phone And Scroll All The Way Down


Ensure you have the latest versions of Script Hook V, Script Hook V .NET, NativeUI And Ifruitaddon2.
Check for any error messages in the game or in the script logs for troubleshooting.

Enjoy your modded GTA 5 experience!
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