The Vinewood Car Club in SP 1.6



Now you can visit the Vinewood Car Club in story mode of GTA 5 on PC. The garage offers 10 vehicles that you can acquire free of charge. Some liveries from the next-generation consoles are not available on PC, so alternative liveries are used in the mod.

The mod syncs with the GitHub page to automatically update vehicles in the garage, just like in GTA Online. You can disable this feature by setting CHECK UPDATES to 0 in the VineWoodClubCars.ini file.

GitHub page: https://github.com/sruckstar/VinewoodCarClubSP
Join my Discord server: https://discord.gg/vvxmKP5y5J


1. Download ScriptHookV
2. Download ScriptHookVDotNet
3. Download LemonUI
3. Move all files from the archive to the scripts folder (if it does not exist, create it).

  • Added auto-update feature: When you enter the garage, the script will check if there is an updated list of cars in GTA Online and offer to load it into your game. You can disable the auto-update in the settings (set CHECK UPDATES to 0 in the VineWoodClubCars.ini file).
  • When reloading SHDN (default is INSERT), cars, peds and blips are no longer duplicated.
  • Fixed bug where interior blips were left on the map when leaving the garage with a car.
  • Fixed an infinite black screen bug when reloading or crashing the script when entering the garage.

  • You can now change cars in the garage using the in-game menu
  • The list of vehicles in the garage is synchronized with the October selection of vehicles in GTA Online
  • Other minor fixes

  • Added ini file where you can change cars in the car club

  • Peds added to the garage
  • Improved vehicle spawning in the garage
  • Fixed an issue with coordinates when entering and exiting the garage
  • Disabled jumping, melee, and weapon wheel when entering the garage

  • Fixed bug with duplicate vehicles

  • Minor fixes

  • Initial release

Installation: move all the files in the folder Scripts.
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