Simple Cache Cleaner for GTA V 1.2

B4fb73 gta5 cache cleanercs


dhonielakers, here's the installation instructions:

1- Download the program ANYWHERE You like;
2- Now you'll need to extract It. Right click "GTA5CacheCleanerCS.rar" to open Windows context menu and select the option "extract here"
*IMPORTANT: You need a program called WinRAR to do that step (or any other .rar extractor, like 7Zip);
3- Now double click "GTA5CacheCleaner.exe", It'll ask you for administrative (elevated) privilegies, say yes. Done!
*IMPORTANT: If You try to run the program without "MaterialSkin.dll", It won't start, since It is an extention of "GTA5CacheCleaner.exe"

Hope everything is clear to You now! ^^

About this program:

This is a quick cache cleaner for GTA 5. It can delete GTA5's
appdata, socialclub cache files and also the system temps.

It was the first (bat)script
I uploaded in gta5-mods.com and the trigger that made me start learning about programming,
and that's why I'm uploading this new version here, 1 year later. ^^


1- Why would I need to clean GTA5's cache? And why to use this tool exactly?

We all know that Grand Theft Auto V use to crash anytime for some
people. This crashes can occure due to a temp file corruption, and
cache cleanning is the solution Rockstar's support gives to us.
With this program You can delete all the files and directories with one click,
instead of deleting manually the following:

"Documents\Rockstar Games\Social Club\*.*"
"Username\AppData\Local\Rockstar Games\GTA V\*.*"

2- Why to use this version instead of the old batch file?
With this version You'll a have the exclusion progress and the log
of all errors at runtime, which doesn't happen with the .bat script.

NOTE: If You want to download the old .bat version, download version 0.5.



1- The script was rebuilt in CSharp.
Now while scanning you'll have a progressbar and a quick
log of the files deletion.

0.5 - Added 3 "success & error" messages for each process, being them:

[error // success]

SC folder was NOT deleted // SC deleted => Referring to the social club folder exclusion;

Cache was not completely deleted // GTA V folder's clean => Referring to the appdata's GTA V folder exclusion;

TEMP files NOT deleted // TEMP's clean => Referring to the Temporary cloud files exclusion.

0.2 - Added the function to delete Cloud cache from the "Temp" Directory, as suggested by MRxSNIPES2.

PS: Sry for the little joke... e.e
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