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  • 0a6781 tifa lockhart ffvii remake

    @w Thank you for the reply bro!

    Those 66 downloads must've been from people that play on FiveM,
    and that's why they didn't say anything until we Singleplayer people noticed it. LoL! XD

    2 gün önce
  • 0a6781 tifa lockhart ffvii remake

    @w/ Hello! I just downloaded your newest 1.1 version of the mod here, and when I extracted the files and all that, for some reason the dlc.rpf file for the Singleplayer/ w_pocketlight folder is missing, and the folder is empty. I double-checked and re-downloaded it again, and it's still the same result, no dlc.rpf file on the w_pocketlight folder... :(

    Could you please check this issue out in your 1.1 version?
    Thank you in advance!
    Cool looking mod by the way w, can't wait to try it out in Singleplayer,
    as I don't have FiveM. (^ ^)

    2 gün önce
  • 0a6781 tifa lockhart ffvii remake

    Hey! iHola @Eddlm ! :)
    Thank you so much for updating this mod bro, it's definitely one of your BEST mods in my opinion! Sad to read that you won't continue any further development on it, but I understand that you want to move on from it, and I'm thankful that you have given us the community the opportunity to implement its source in our very own projects! You're the best my dude! :D

    Hey, I also have a question for you, but it's not related to this mod, but a mod that you showcased around two to three years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GocMUi3SzA It's a Wheelspin Shake mod. I asked you about it a while ago, but haven't got a reply back from you; I don't know if you might have seen my post on a chat I created to talk to you about it. :/ I'm REALLY interested in this mod from you, and I was wondering if you've ever considered going back to it to continue developing it. I'm more than willing to support your time and effort on it financially if you plan to restore development on it my dude! I'd really love to see what you can do with this idea! \(^ ^)/ Let me know your thoughts about it bro. :)

    3 Mart 2021, Çarşamba
  • 0a6781 tifa lockhart ffvii remake

    Beautiful work on a beautiful character! (^ ^)

    7 Kasım 2020, Cumartesi
  • 0a6781 tifa lockhart ffvii remake

    Glad to have you back @Eddlm !!! :D
    Thank you for updating the script, and don't worry about apologizing for the delay!
    This types of scripts take time and lots of effort to be done properly,
    so you're fine amigo.

    Looking forward to more updates on the script when you've them ready bro! (^ ^)

    1 Ekim 2020, Perşembe
  • 0a6781 tifa lockhart ffvii remake

    Thank you so much for fixing the Nitro issue @sjaak327 !!! :D
    I was having that same issue; didn't know Rockstar made changes to it...
    Freaking Rockstar with their updates sometimes...
    Messing up things that are already good the way they are... (*- . -)

    3 Eylül 2020, Perşembe
  • 0a6781 tifa lockhart ffvii remake

    @trabas The script is being updated by Eddlm. The Summer Special update from Rockstar messed up the AI's performance for the script, and Eddlm is working on a fix for this. Please be patient and wait for him to release an update with the fix. (^ ^)

    2 Eylül 2020, Çarşamba
  • 0a6781 tifa lockhart ffvii remake

    Wonderful masterpiece of a mod Kahoro! Like @MTN4456 said, you got an amazing talent for map building dude! And in Menyoo?! Yo!!! Keep up the awesome modding bro! (^ ^)

    9 Temmuz 2020, Perşembe
  • 0a6781 tifa lockhart ffvii remake

    iMuy buen trabajo como siempre! (Very good job as always!) <3LOVE IT BRO<3!!! \(^ = ^)/

    6 Temmuz 2020, Pazartesi
  • 0a6781 tifa lockhart ffvii remake

    I saw your comment on @Eddlm ARS mod and wanted to give it a try. Thank you for these additional tracks @Stigums !!! :D I'll give you my feedback on them after I've tried them bro!

    4 Temmuz 2020, Cumartesi