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    Damn, I'm so excited, man!

    27 Mayıs 2021, Perşembe
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    Hey, so good to see you're back and with another great update!

    Anyway, on that Yacht issue. This really is the only thing not working for me. Asked HKH191 a while back about Yacht removal from his EAI mod, and he said it's bugged and had to cut it out. So, since Yacht Heist is dependent, it won't work (other than maybe there's workaround I'm missing?).

    Curious thing is, when I tried your Yacht Heist 0.4 .cs mod, Dignity Yacht actually spawns there, I can walk around it, but when I press E to activate mission, it despawns and spawning peds drop in the water. So maybe there's a way to fix it on your end?

    Otherwise great job, all other missions and features work like a charm. One of the best (and most useful) mods ever made for GTA V.

    10 Mayıs 2021, Pazartesi
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    Does this mod still requires fresh game start to have full experience with new events?

    10 Mayıs 2021, Pazartesi
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    In case someone is annoyed by update popup, there's is a solution:
    Go in registry, as mentioned in this mod description - HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ScriptHookV
    There you will find current version, now it's 1.0.2215.0 for example, it doesn't matter. Now, click on Modify, switch from Hexidecimal to Decimal, and copy-paste this number: 1765497600 and save.
    It sets date somewhere around 2025 or 26 to check. You can set any date you want with free online converters, really.
    You can also delete previous versions of ScriptHook from the list in the registry, it will cause no issues.

    After done that, haven't given me any popups for several versions now.

    17 Şubat 2021, Çarşamba
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    When I have this trainer installed, health of any protagonist never regenerates. Am I the only one with such issue?

    26 Ocak 2021, Salı
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    Tried it, still doesn't work. This is so strange...
    I even removed all scripts from the folder, but yours, in case something is clashing, and still nothing. Also hit reload scripts a few times, still no result.
    The interesting part is, dot.net log registers your script to be loading, and I don't have anything that could really clash with radio related script. If I had, probably Trainer wouldn't work with this function either.

    Really no idea what could that be... Guess I'll be just checking comments from time to time to see how it works for other people. Maybe someone will come up with solution.

    25 Ocak 2021, Pazartesi
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    Hmm, doesn't seem to be working for me for some reason...
    Latest GTA V, updated SH and dot.net also latest. Tried switching characters, different cars, nothing. Also tried that line:
    Still nothing.

    Simple Trainer still has everything unlocked by default (tested with and without it). Weird.

    24 Ocak 2021, Pazar
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    Hey man, I noticed enable/disable Yacht is gone from .ini settings file in one of latest updates. Can you say why?

    10 Ocak 2021, Pazar
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    Oh, that's good to know! I assumed without the rest of the mods, there could be some issues.

    28 Aralık 2020, Pazartesi
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    This is very impressive work you've done there, man! Mod looks absolutely amazing, however, I have a few questions:
    - If I'm interested only in pure dogfight (arcade mode, judging by description), is there way to install only that part of the mod?
    - If this is not possible, I do understand that it has so massive requirements, considering how many functions this mod does, but do you plan to ever release some sort of Lite version of your mod containing purely air-to-air combat and nothing else?

    28 Aralık 2020, Pazartesi