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    Wondeful mod idea but need improvements !

    The mod is not stable (even with all requirements applied) :
    - sometimes crash at the start of a new scenario
    - sometimes you respawn with the same character at the hospital
    - the menu doesn't work properly (even with scenarios disabled, they continue to be applied)

    It's hard to put only 3* but has to to be fair. As I said the mod idea is excellent and can't play without it, even with the instability.
    I'll gladly put 5* if some improvements will be done ! Please don't give up this mod ! And a big thank you for your work !

    8 Nisan 2024, Pazartesi
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    Hi Alex, so I've tried to use the methods you gave me but I've met an issue.
    After having a crash while loading the game after adding the DLC pack (with the converted xml map to ymap) with OpenIV, I spent hours to read comments and I found out that maybe the DLC pack from the ymap converter was outdated. So I've got the one from Map Builder and then no more crash, and the already present map "Marina" in the DLC pack was working.
    But for mine, nothing appears on the map. So I've decided to simplify my map scene just to see if it could come from animated peds or props. I deleted all peds and props and just let the tuned cars (all cars are from the game, no addons).
    But still nothing appears...
    I'm a bit lost and wonder if you met this issue before or if you have any idea where this issue could come from ?
    Thanks again for your help !
    And if you don't mind and have a way to contact you privately, I could send to you my xml map or any other infos just for you to check !

    18 Mart 2024, Pazartesi
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    @Alex106 Many thanks man for your answer ! I'll check that and try to do my best ! Thank you, I'll surely give a feedback here !

    16 Mart 2024, Cumartesi
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    Hi @Alex106,

    Thank you for your mod, very nice one !

    I have the project to make some scenes appear on the map to highlight some movies and shows that I love about cars.
    For example I made a scene with lore-friendly cars and peds for Initial D at the top of a downhill, the Fast&Furious BBQ scene, the meth cooking scene of Breaking Bad in the desert, etc...
    I did them with minimal props to avoid too much load on the performance

    I did all with Menyoo Sponner Object but I realized that when I automatically loads the scenes, the load is too heavy on the performances. I tried to use Map Loader & Manager from JayMontana36 (https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/jm36-map-loader-and-manager-mlam#description_tab) but same results. Also the animation of peds are not load correctly.

    So I was wondering if by your way of adding maps in the game (via OpenIV and dlc packs), the result could be better. I don't know how to do but I willing to learn it. Do you have any advice or tutorials that I could follow to learn ?

    Thank you in advance for any help !

    I hope I could share my work coz I have a lot of fun to wander in the city and meet some nice scenes that I could enjoy the cars, very cool feeling in the game !

    15 Mart 2024, Cuma
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    Thank you ! Wonderful mod !
    It really brings immersion and fun !
    Just a shame we can't use the garages and gun shops could it be a possible feature ?

    13 Mart 2024, Çarşamba
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    Hi @JayMontana36 !
    Thanks for your mod ! This is what I needed !
    But I've made two small scenes with Menyoo Spooner, the both scenes have few tuned cars, animated peds and props. When I load them with Menyoo, everything is ok. But when loaded with your mod, only props appeared, no cars and peds.
    Is it normal ? If I understood well, it's difficult for your mod to handle those ?

    13 Mart 2024, Çarşamba
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    @CorpseGrinder You're welcome !
    Not worjing for me neither, I think it's because of the game version too recent. Mine is v.3095 for info.
    I think this mod needs an update and it should have one. It's such a cool mod !

    11 Mart 2024, Pazartesi
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    Usually easy to guess : when you see an ASI file, it goes in the main directory (where gta.exe is located) with the other files/folder if there are some. If only DLL, it goes to scripts folder.
    But yes, a ReadMe with instructions should be coming with every mod.
    Hope this helps

    9 Mart 2024, Cumartesi
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    It seems that it needs an update. Doesn't work on v3095.
    Could be nice to have it working again, such a great mod !

    9 Mart 2024, Cumartesi
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    Man that's exactly what I was missing !
    And a BIG BIG thank you for the explanation of the files modifications ! Very useful for ppl who already have modded files !
    I'll try it and come back to leave a review !
    But already 5* for the technical explanations !

    For info : I try to find a solution with another modder to correct the stupid behavior of civilian cars during a pursuit, such as driving to the opposite lanes or stupidly top across lanes in the highway.
    We try to make it a script but we have to find a similar script to get an idea how we should start it.

    Any ideas/help will be welcome and of course we will very hapy to share the mod if it's a successful one !

    9 Mart 2024, Cumartesi