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  • Gtao47

    @Abhi123 Do you mean i should modify more textures inside core.ypt ? maybe i will do that later.

    @HeySlickThatsMe Glad someone still remember the old days :) i wish it can be done here but unfortunately nobody managed till now to edit the effects files, it would be great if it's possible in the future, it's what i originally intended, but then i got disappointed by the lack of effects modding at all....

    @Rarefacer Max Payne 3 isn't related to GTA but it also has super low quality effects, for example the explosion textures from MP3 is 256x256, muzzle flash textures is 128x128... of course big doesn't mean better at all, but their style just feels super lazy to say the least, R* is also big into recycling textures, many textures inside core.ypt is from the IV era. and as you can see from my previous replay, modders can't always change everything, i wanted to do more than this, but it's not possible so far. which leaves us stuck here with the original lazy effects and it really feels like pineapples on a perfect looking pizza.

    2 Mayıs 2017, Salı
  • Gtao47

    Do you mind making the shift and control keys can be remapped in the ini? i wanna use this with your Realistic Nitro mod but the shift key is essential :/ or maybe instead of these buttons, make the grip value can be set in the ini too?

    4 Mart 2017, Cumartesi
  • Gtao47

    I so like this mod thanks for making it :) can't wait till you enable it for other weapons, maybe to make it easier to do for other weapons, just skip the flying bullet segment and show the ped receiving the damage only, cheers!

    23 Şubat 2017, Perşembe