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    @JAM102970 That's quite unfortunate, most likely, it is the Visual V preset obscuring the skydome. Maybe you can try tweaking the weather and clouds via Menyoo or another trainer, though I honestly think it wouldn't really help. It's just that graphics mods are complex, especially since most of their presets and textures are add-ons rather than direct replaced. Nonetheless, here's a link to my video preview showcasing all the colors of the galaxy, so you can see what blue looks like: https://youtu.be/ku8_8clvOEs

    21 Kasım 2023, Salı
  • 7536a0 41+avtbwiul

    @JAM102970 Graphic mods tend to have their own timecycle presets and weather presets that seem to obscure the skydome, whether it's the original or modded skydome. However, you can try using Visual V and see for yourself if it works. I have only tried this galaxy skydome on Natural Vision and Natural Vision Remastered, but neither worked for me.

    18 Kasım 2023, Cumartesi
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    this would make more sense if there is a penalty system for owning a dirty money or original gta money, like you can't use these money if not converted to clean money via laundering, or using dirty money making it less value compared to clean money

    4 Aralık 2021, Cumartesi