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    @Van_Zandt check your messages in the forums section of the site.

    6 gün önce
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    @Van_Zandt If you want, I can send you a dlc.rpf template, which you can put your edited ymaps into. So you have an idea of the layout to use.

    7 gün önce
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    @Van_Zandt Just a little heads up to make things more organized in terms of installation. You can make your own dlc.rpf archive and add all edited files to it. For example, I work on Realism Dispatch Enhanced, and this is how we implement our ymap edits.

    We use the path Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\rde\dlc.rpf\maps.rpf\

    We add this to content.xml:
    <overlay value="true" />
    <disabled value="true" />
    <persistent value="true" />

    So then the archive looks like this - https://puu.sh/CwhzK/6316c51f07.png

    7 gün önce
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    came across a few glitches.

    1) lighting can change depending on where the camera is pointing.

    2) Peds have difficulty entering and exiting, with some pathing issues where they'll repeatedly run into one place over and over. In addition, gunshots seem to hit an invisible wall when you shoot outside or inside.

    3) Sitting peds are placed too high, so their feet aren't touching the ground.

    10 Ocak 2019, Perşembe
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    @Smallo I've been waiting so long for interiors to be added now that CodeWalker is a thing. Will you be bringing over the hospital interior from IV at some point?

    10 Ocak 2019, Perşembe
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    @_CP_ Can you tone down the bloom and brightness with the snow weather? It's particularly bad in the prologue.
    VisualV - https://puu.sh/CszSG/8ca904c4c2.png
    Vanilla - https://puu.sh/CszSA/21cc299f8d.png

    6 Ocak 2019, Pazar
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    @Alex106 There's some weird LOD issues with these trees around Vinewood. A pair of them appear at a distance, then disappear when you get closer

    6 Ocak 2019, Pazar
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    @Bravercoolio Gotcha. One last thing for now, peds don't grab onto vehicle doors properly when you drive off while they're trying to throw you out. They'll either let go, or stagger about with their hand in mid-air and magically pulling your car towards them.

    6 Ocak 2019, Pazar
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    @Bravercoolio With some further gameplay, also noticing that peds don't flail or have much self-preservation when falling. They seem to actual like normal ragdolls, barely any movement of limbs. Especially noticeable when the player falls from a high building, or a swat ped is shot from a helicopter.

    5 Ocak 2019, Cumartesi
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    @Bravercoolio In that case, could you provide an optional file that switches them around??

    2 Ocak 2019, Çarşamba