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  • 06ced3 img 0720

    @woohoowi Imagine PEV being a movie. DTAR is the Jayden Cut while SALE is the Yorpie Cut
    The base is the same, but there is differences based on personal preference

    16 Temmuz 2023, Pazar
  • 06ced3 img 0720

    Hi. PEV DTAR & PEV SALE are almost complete and will be available to download on GTA5 mods soon and currently our discord server found here "https://discord.gg/apm3xCcg82".

    Coming with the new update, it will focus alot more on the AI, regarding both ambiently, and from law enforcement, with a complete balance overhaul of Grand Theft Auto V. The dispatch system is also being reworked, with completely new and optimized peds and vehicles.

    Special thanks to Cpast for developing combat_tweaks.asi. Jax765, and AverageKittenLover22 assisting occasionally with ped development issues and fixes. X3Mgamer for merryweather friendly fire fix & sheriff stanier model. Janitor_Guard for important .meta tips and feedback. TheGangjaman, & Vim for helping beta test with me personally along the way. Carl Johnson for finding usable enum for a 4th jurisdiction set and other enums, flags.. etc. And of course all closed beta testers involved, as well as the PEV & GTA V modding community helping along the way.

    11 Nisan 2023, Salı
  • 06ced3 img 0720

    Tried alot of euphoria mods, but this is my favourite one to use, everything feels organic when shooting at another person. very well done.

    27 Aralık 2022, Salı
  • 06ced3 img 0720

    @Fady66 Love the mod but the .ini option for a blip to only appear within range on ur minimap would be nice. Trying to keep a blip clean game and its difficult with these amazing mods ahaha.

    4 Aralık 2022, Pazar
  • 06ced3 img 0720

    Been looking for something like this for a long time ngl so this mod is pretty cool. A way to set a customizable ini for the wanted level set upon being spotted during police chases and rewards being customizable would be awesome.

    25 Kasım 2022, Cuma
  • 06ced3 img 0720

    @Hunk Love these type of scripts that gives the player more stuff to do haha. If i have a suggestion to make though, adding a customizable payout in the .ini file would be great!

    19 Kasım 2022, Cumartesi
  • 06ced3 img 0720

    @aphextwin432 This mod does not affect dispatch files. this mod should compatible.

    14 Haziran 2022, Salı
  • 06ced3 img 0720

    Highly recommend this mod for interior combat, really improves the experience. Other peds no longer get stuck on corpses, which is a nice change as well to make them seem less "dumb"

    7 Mart 2022, Pazartesi
  • 06ced3 img 0720
    Sabitlenmiş Yorum

    It would be extremely helpful for anyone to report any interiors that may cause issues listed in the description below. It helps build for what this mods purpose is, and I may have missed some along the way. Thanks.

    27 Şubat 2022, Pazar
  • 06ced3 img 0720

    @InfamousSabre Done, uploaded demonstration videos directly to the mod page.

    24 Şubat 2022, Perşembe