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    @tacodogthe2nd Look in the Google Drive in the Downloads directory. It unofficial so i wont update here for now.

    7 gün önce
  • 27db8c download

    @NEGVS Sorry the phone is controlled by the game scripts. So it's killed like all the other singleplayer scripts. I sure hope to add phone back to the game one day.

    7 gün önce
  • 27db8c download

    @aydad Hi what do you mean your stuck? Like you cant move?

    16 Şubat 2020, Pazar
  • 27db8c download

    @iammistahwolf it should only show with debug mode activated.

    8 Şubat 2020, Cumartesi
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  • 27db8c download

    GTAVOverride 2.0 is coming soon!
    Some stuffs you can expect:

    - Event System
    Plug your mod with GTAVOverride to access custom events.
    Custom event when a human or animal dies.
    Custom event when player money changed.
    Custom event when player is dead.
    Custom event when player is arrested.
    Custom event when player is respawned.
    Custom event when player is stealing a vehicle.
    Custom event when player is entering/leaving a vehicle.
    Custom event when a vehicle is destroyed.

    - Custom Money System
    Custom drops working with MP characters.
    Cops now drop money too.
    Money 3D model based on amount and ped social class.
    Ped in vehicle drop when you pull them out.
    Can deposit and withdraw money.

    - World
    No world border limits.
    No speed and driving speed limits.
    No more default store robberies.

    And so much more... STAY TUNED!

    26 Ocak 2020, Pazar
  • 27db8c download

    @Dutchie77 Great to hear Dutchie! Thanks for the feedback!

    24 Ocak 2020, Cuma
  • 27db8c download

    @iammistahwolf it works I set the boundaries to 999999999 so it pretty infinite considering the normal limit. You just gonna have to wait for next update tho.

    24 Ocak 2020, Cuma
  • 27db8c download

    @iammistahwolf I think i found a native to extend boundaries, I'll play around that and see if i can get that included in GTAVOverride. For the voices, i've seen male cops with female voices, stock game. Haha But yeah, at this point there is many other male and female ped to use the voice from other than the 3 main characters. We will see what is the best.

    24 Ocak 2020, Cuma
  • 27db8c download

    @iammistahwolf thanks for reporting, Economy script is of no use in the current version i've been playing with it and will be available in the next update. And yes, i am working on making money completely independant from the base game money with banking too. For the boundaries/speed limit I'll have to find out how to do it first. For MP characters voices we could probably use franklin or any other character voices.

    23 Ocak 2020, Perşembe