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    Awesome! Could you also do this for house gates as well?

    27 Eylül 2020, Pazar
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    @FelixTheBlackCat Dude you are amazing! As I posted the review I actually encountered the random attack one, but have not yet encountered the undercover cop!

    And for the suggestion #1, it could be easier if it was just carrying the drugs from the meth lab to the car before the delivery? But yeah, I see what you mean for the limiting the player with what vehicle they might choose.

    All in all, one of the most thought out and well executed mod I've seen :).

    6 Ocak 2020, Pazartesi
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    This mod is awesome!!! I sometimes cant get the distribution to work, but it works 90% of the time.

    Some suggestions:
    1. Perhaps being able to carry the meth in hand to a vehicle (putting it in trunk for example) to make it a bit more realistic?
    2. Maybe every so often, a buyer would be an undercover cop that you would have figure out a way to resolve the situation.

    5 Ocak 2020, Pazar
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    Stealthhhh af

    12 Haziran 2019, Çarşamba
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    The rims look great. Don't know why everybody is complaining...to each their own.

    12 Haziran 2019, Çarşamba
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    Could you make the GLC63 AMG? :D https://car-images.bauersecure.com/pagefiles/71647/amercglc63amg.jpg

    12 Haziran 2019, Çarşamba
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    Are the cars supposed to un-save itself every time I restart the game?

    9 Nisan 2019, Salı
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    @JohnDoey72 I have noticed a drop. Thanks for the tip! But it may also be the couple of addon cars I have lol. :P 4 years old, 2 year old rig. Still killing my computer. Thanks R*

    17 Mart 2019, Pazar
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    @JohnDoey72 I actually managed to get it to work. What I did was install the logitech software (software listed under drivers) on their website. For reference its the G29 with the shifter sold separately. I also had the wheel set to PS3 if that makes any difference. OTHER than that, I have the most recent file for this mod, and plugged on the wheel/shifter prior to starting the game and had the Logitech software open. Steam had the Generic controller setting off. Hope this helps others who are having issues.

    16 Mart 2019, Cumartesi
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    I have the G29 steering wheel with the H-shifter, but everything registers EXCEPT the Clutch pedal and H-shifter (all gears). Anyone know of a way to fix this? I have a legit version of GTA V (most updated). Here's a copy/paste from the Gears.log file.

    [22:41:22.813] [ INFO] GTAVManualTransmission v4.6.5 (build Dec 27 2018)
    [22:41:22.816] [ INFO] Game version 48
    [22:41:22.818] [ INFO] Running executable: E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\GTA5.exe
    [22:41:22.823] [ INFO] File Version: 1.0.1604.1
    [22:41:22.826] [ WARN] Version mismatch!
    [22:41:22.828] [ WARN] Detected: VER_1_0_1604_0_STEAM
    [22:41:22.831] [ WARN] Reported: 48
    [22:41:22.833] [ WARN] Using detected version (VER_1_0_1604_0_STEAM)
    [22:41:22.842] [ INFO] Script registered
    [22:42:47.148] [ INFO] Script started
    [22:42:47.154] [ INFO] Settings read
    [22:42:47.627] [ INFO] Setting up globals
    [22:42:47.639] [ INFO] WHEEL: Initializing input devices
    [22:42:47.642] [ INFO] WHEEL: Setting up DirectInput interface
    [22:42:47.698] [ INFO] WHEEL: Found 1 device(s)
    [22:42:47.701] [ INFO] WHEEL: Device: Bluetooth XINPUT compatible input device
    [22:42:47.705] [ INFO] WHEEL: GUID: {06DCFBE0-D621-11E7-8002-444553540000}
    [22:42:47.708] [ INFO] WHEEL: Devices initialized
    [22:42:47.711] [ INFO] WHEEL: Init FFB device
    [22:42:47.714] [ WARN] WHEEL: FFB device not found
    [22:42:47.717] [ INFO] WHEEL: Not set up in .ini:
    [22:42:47.720] [ INFO] WHEEL: Device: Bluetooth XINPUT compatible input device
    [22:42:47.723] [ INFO] WHEEL: GUID: {06DCFBE0-D621-11E7-8002-444553540000}
    [22:42:47.726] [ INFO] WHEEL: Steering wheel initialization finished
    [22:42:47.729] [ INFO] START: Initialization finished
    [22:47:39.859] [ INFO] PATCH: Init shutdown
    [22:47:39.867] [ INFO] PATCH: Script shut down cleanly

    14 Mart 2019, Perşembe