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    @Poorsoul44 My man Thanks for the Reply!:)

    7 gün önce
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    Hey mate I looked at the last Video on this Mod Page - Video uploaded by "Mentrixz" Called "These are the Most hyper Realistic Combat mods" and throughout the Video where he's showcasing your Mod, When He's in First Person His gun has a lot of Inertia and Movement (Not static like Vanilla.) His Weapon seems to move around the screen in 1st Person and It looks Amazing. Is this something your Mod Implements?
    Thanks mate!

    8 gün önce
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    Does anyone have any ideas as to why I'm getting White Blood Spilling from this Mod all of a sudden?
    The Decals are red but the blood spill is white.
    It might be another Mod of mine causing this but I don't know.

    4 Eylül 2022, Pazar
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    Hey mate I have 4NG4H's Bomber Jacket. How did you apply it to Trevor?
    Do you simply paste into "Trevors Folder" through OPEN IV or do you have to edit the file somehow to make it work for Trevor?
    Thanks mate!

    31 Ağustos 2022, Çarşamba
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    Just read it. Is this meant to push past the limit of Extended Distance Scaling? So it appears full but it's actually higher?
    Or is this Mod meant to not use Extended Distance scaling? I'm still not sure.

    10 Ağustos 2022, Çarşamba
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    Is this meant to max out "Extended Distance Scaling"? When I apply these settings, it just maxes out the Extended Distance Scaling and my Performance drops. I Disable the Distance scaling, Re-apply these settings; launch game and Distance Scaling is maxed again?

    14 Temmuz 2022, Perşembe
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    Does anyone have any advice for the "Fatal Error" When installing this with OPEN IV?

    17 Mayıs 2022, Salı
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    Amazing. I've waited years for a blood mod like this!
    I was wondering though (Unless I'm not noticing) Would it be possible for the Blood Spilling to happen to NPC's when they're still alive? It seems as if the Decals are really prominent but the Blood Spilling seems to happen when they're dead and falling to the ground.
    That aside this still is an amazing mod my man. Once people realise this Mod exists I think this will be everyone's chosen Blood Mod going forward :)!

    14 Nisan 2022, Perşembe
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    Hey mate. The Death reaction presets : "physicstasks.ymt" - does this go in "x64a" or "update.rpf" File path?
    Just a bit confused as there are two destinations with a "physicstasks.ymt" so just wondering which one to replace with my chosen Death Reaction. Thanks!

    8 Nisan 2022, Cuma